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The Race to Messina - June 7/8, 2014

August, 1943. The Allied landings have been a success, and valuable lessons for future operations have been learned. Sicily has fallen. But who will it fall to?
A show can have only one Prima Donna, and two of the largest egos in the Alliance are now vying for the title.
Patton's men now swing along the northern roads and Monty's forces batter their way up the eastern coast. Monty's route is shorter, but the defences he faces are stronger.
The German and Italian commanders know that Sicily is lost. Those on the ground have known it for some time. With the order to withdraw finally approved they must delay the allied advances, and make it back in time to Messina themselves.
So the Race is on, and all eyes are set on the goal. Messina - the gateway to Italy.

This is a Full weekend event, with camping available on Friday and Saturday night.

Start will be Midday on Saturday until late, followed by a lovely social :ghey: Then Sunday morning until early afternoon.

We will be out in the field all day and not returning to the safe zone at all, so please bare in mind you will need to carry what you need for the day.

The days will be broken up in to what I like to call "smooth rolling combat missions". This not the same as the regular 1,2,3...GO combat missions you find at open days. Instead the're is a natural progression from one objective to another with rallies, regroups, jump off points...etc. This gives the feel of a continuous day without it becoming a slog. To that aim, the ammo limit will be low in order to get sort but intense firefights.

This is a squad tactics and team play based game. If you're idea of fun is to run around a field on your own with your finger permanently on the trigger then this is not the game for you.

Posted : 29/03/2014 3:31 pm