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Site Rules Please read

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1 Eye protection must be worn at all times in game area and firing range, remove only in the safe zone, if a problem occurs with eye protection then see Steve Doc Or Steve rabbitspacker or go back to safe zone. Head Gear Hats Helmets to be worn at all times in the field.
2 No magazines in guns in the safe zone pistols to be holstered, clear gun chamber before entering safe zone put safety catch on, do not fire guns in safe zone.
3 Never fire at a players Head at close range, where possible aim for centre mass or legs, full face protection is recommended, this is the players choice its your face, gum shields are a good idea. This is WW2 events please, if you wear a mask try to get it green or camo no fancy skull ones will be allowed sorry, you will not be welcome we try to keep within the look of the era thanks.
4 Pyro follow instructions printed on the pyrotechnics, do not pick up lit pyro, do not throw pyro directly at a player, do not ignite pyro in safe zone, No BFG.
5 Do not shoot a photographer if one. or unarmed civilians
6 No smoking in game area, Do not shoot at Wildlife, Please do not litter keep your litter and put in Bins provided thank you,
7 18yrs and over to purchase pyro only.
8 Play fair, keep safe, Don't shoot at any Flags Or Posters they cost money.
9 Don't throw pyro at vehicles or shoot the driver
10 Players that choose to ignore the Site and game rules will be asked to leave.
Have a Great Day< Thanks for your support.
Weapons will be Chrono except pistols. 350 fps 400 single bolt action only this doe not include Garand's or semi auto any weapon problems see Steve.

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