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Chancers Mission brief

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Chancers Mission brief.

Overall Allied Mission brief, due to the unwanted attention of a nearly arrived SS Panzer unit fresh and gunning for a fight, the Wehrmacht have become bolder in their search and seizures and any prisoners are being shipped off to the garrison at the Town.
The SS aren’t being so kind and without the Wehrmacht commanders influence, are loosing prisoners and paperwork.

The SOE have some real challenges now as they have received communication from an intercepted, coded communication that the Hamlet of Chez Bois has been used as a depository for stolen German wealth and it to be collected and taken to the Fuhrer’s vaults in Berlin.

Using the resistance, hidden amongst the population was working until the arrival of the SS Panzer commander and their less sporting methods and there is pressure to get the job done but to try and keep civilian casualties to a minim.

Objective List
1. Hook up with the résistance Cell leader and make a strategy to locate the treasures.
2. Make a plan to Extract, Destroy or Delay the removal of said objects. This MAY include forging.
3. Use the resistance to create distractions whilst minimalizing Casualties.
4. When ready, execute the mission.

German Mission Brief

With the arrival of the SS Panzer commander, the garrison Colonel has ordered more houses to be raided. Every Hour a truck from the town arrives to collect captured criminals to the state and empties the cells. This is an out of game thing and the captured ‘players’ are returned to the game.

Also, an order has been received with a map of locations marked on it dotted around Chez Bois. After retrieving one of the ‘boxes’ from one for the locations, it was clear this ‘mission’ was top secret and must be done precisely.

Objective List
1. Keep the wagons full of state criminals by making arrests of wounded or surrendered partisans.
2. Retrieve and make safe all the packages of wealth that need to be sent to Berlin at 4pm.
3. At 3pm an evaluator will arrive to certify the items and mark them for the dispatch trucks arrival.

It’s a role-play game with toy guns dressed as WW2 soldiers etc. To work, it just needs everyone to buy into it. The shooting bit always comes in spits and spurts, to have open fighting means the Allied effort has no chance of completing its objectives as it needs German soldiers not looking for fights all the time.

The German Barracks will be at the Fort in the center of the site and can’t be assaulted unless permission/ an order is given. The Resistance needs to help the SOE by using cunning and guile rather than force to find the locations of the treasures and do what ever they have planned.

If arrested, you will not be held all for ages out of game. However, you MAY spend ‘some time’ Waiting for escort to the pick up before being returned to your HQ.

I know this is going to be awesome, because were super lucky and you will make it so. xx

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