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excitement levels ....

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well my level is up and down , as my wife just had surgery and to be honest is not in a good way :(

but I got over a week for her to improve :)

My new Jap uniform turned up which I can just fit in lol and i mean just lol

but on the bright side the supplies for the supply boxes has come so that's good news :) so expect them to be like all the previous pacific ones :) :happyclap: :giggle: :happyclap: :happydance: :happyswing:

just need to sort out some of the locations for the map :)

but all in all excitement level hovering at a 7 :)

Posted : 31/05/2018 9:23 am
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Getting excited too. My new uniform fits but I just need to figure out this sword belt and how to attach it properly. Currently about a 6



Posted : 31/05/2018 10:08 am
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Not even thought about it yet,got a week to find all my kit.

Posted : 31/05/2018 1:47 pm
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Kit is all sorted and packed, and after another "interesting" week at work, it will be a very welcome break. Camping at Eversley, yay! Not looking forward to putting on those puttees though, who on earth thought they were a good idea?

Hope your wife recovers quickly Chris.

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Posted : 01/06/2018 7:14 am
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My "dog-ear" canteen cover & jungle first aid kit arrived, guess that's me ready

Posted : 01/06/2018 9:57 am
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Must go up in the loft tomorrow and find my jap gear. It was very hot and sweaty at the last game, perfect jungle weather. I hope it hasn't rotted in the holdall bag! Bringing my scrimmed M14 and my MP28, in case we are outgunned by the yanks! Looking forward to it, the last game was a cracker! Hope it's hot!

Posted : 01/06/2018 8:52 pm