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Bloody Ridge Mission Brief and Final event details

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The Bloody Ridge – Mission brief and Objective list.


September 12th 1944 – Hamlet of Zandoerle, Neatherlands.


For two weeks a single German gun has terrorised the surrounding villages and knocked out 6 British medium tanks and 14 light vehicles as well as over 30 US light tanks and armoured cars. The gun and the team operating it have become a priority one objective for a mixed unit of Allied troops. Defending the Zandoerle and its surrounding valleys, ridges and woodland are a mixed units of German paratroopers, Wehrmacht infantry and a number of SS elite units.

Due to the terrain, anti aircraft weapons and the AT gunner aces, the removal of this threat has got to be done with troops on the ground. Also, the enemy are imbedded within occupied homes so conventional mortar or artillery aren’t an option.

This event will start with Allied units moving into surrounding countryside, setting up an operational harbour area and beginning the hunt for the AT gun and its team. This scenario will feature 3 Command Positions as well as mission brief envelopes to be opened by the commander at certain times. All these will be in addition to the main objective, find the gun and kill the aces. Sounds as easy as ACB…..

Now the battle really begins…


Main Objective for the Axis is to keep control of all their assets and the Ace AT gunner Team.  They have a small arsenal of equipment they can deploy throughout the Saturday mission.

They will start in fixed positions with patrolling Zugs watching they roads for enemy targets and any attempts by the allies.


Allied main Objective is to knock out all AT guns and kill the Ace gunner team. 

Allies will be starting in two spears and each will have a Harbour areas to operate from as well as field packs to sustain themselves in the field.


Other mission objectives may well find their way into this player epic experience.


We have invested and got new radio packs for the units, ive found the old canvas map cases and have a ton of other cool props for set dressing.


Event details and Covid compliance.

We have an up to date covid risk assessment.  Can everyone please make sure they remain socially distanced at all times.  All camping cannot be in clusters of more than 6 people with 6m between camps.


Gates open at 2pm Friday for guys to arrive and we must all be off site no later than 2pm Sunday.


Registration will be at 8,00am Saturday morning and the game will finish no later than 5pm Saturday.

Sundays game will start at 10am and finish no later than 1pm.  We have a number of roll over mission objectives for the Sunday.

Socialising in the evening must be restricted to no more that 6 in a group and all socially distanced.  Please do get plastered as you wont be able to take the field.


Please text 07711774401 for the forestry gate code on the welsh drive.  Please add the name you booked on with for a reply.


There are two toilets on site that must be always maintained.  Please only use them for sitting on.  They are not Urinals.


Updated Covid Filmsim Rules below.


  • When shot, a loud call of ‘HIT’ should be made and the player is considered out of game.  The player must place a ‘HAND’ in the air to show they are no longer live and immediately fall to the ground calling for a team ALLIED MEDIC or AXIS SANI
  • A hit is anywhere on the body or the gun and ricochets must also be taken; if you think you’ve been hit take it.
  • Dead and wounded players ‘DO NOT TALK’. The only exception is to use the ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ or ‘MEDIC’ calls - anything else is considered cheating.




Getting back in the action

  • If a live team mate can get 1+ metres but no more than 2 and call ‘Cover’, you can bandage yourself to become live again.
  • All bandaging must be stationary and if either player is hit during the Medic both must take a KIA a must head to a regen.
  • If no one gets to you within 2 minutes, or both your bandages have been used, you have bled out and are KIA.
  • If a medic hasn’t got to you after 30 seconds, you may try to crawl to a live player. Take down your hand and you MUST CRAWL.  If shot whilst crawling, you are KIA.  You must keep calling out for a team medic during the crawl and once committed, you can’t stop the crawl.
  • You can take an immediate KIA only if you’re wounded in the middle of a fire fight and you can't avoid being shot! Otherwise stay on the ground for your full 2 minutes, calling for a team medic.
  • KIAmeans returning to a fixed regen.  Running out of bandages, bleeding out, Knife kills, and shot during medic/moves/crawls are all KIAs


Pyro Effects 



  • Inside- Whole building or structure is wounded
  • Outside- 5m radius – Cover has no effect.  If an explosive grenade lands within 5m of you, you are going to take a hit when it goes off - running away and blowing up spectacularly is optional, but always looks more awesome than just falling over 



  • Outside only- 5m radius area denial.  If an incendiary grenade goes off within 5m of you, it's time to run away before you burn to death.  Don't worry where the smoke blows, you just need to stay out of a 5m circle around the pyro until it has finished smoking.


Whilst in field all players must:

  • Carry 2 bandages
  • Carry 2 aggressive grenades FRAG/INCENDIARY
  • Soldier - Only have up to 300rnds worth of ammo loaded in mags SMGs
  • Support Gunner - Only have up to 1200rnds worth of ammo loaded in mags
  • Rifleman over 350 fps to 400 fps – 200 rounds. 20m engagement unless under 250fps.
  • Sniper can only have 100 – anything over 350 fps. 30m engagement
  • Players must NOT take into the field any more MAGS than their ammo limit!
  • You can only reload at a controlled re-gens, (this includes BFGs), unless you push/drop the bbs in your mags by hand (no loading tool/pouring into high caps).
  • You may carry only 75 in Pistol mags.  Any more must be included in your ammo limit.
  • NO LONE WOLFING!!!! No man goes to war alone.


SIN BIN!!!  Anyone found repeatedly breaking any of the game or site rules will be removed from the game for 5 mins and if this continues will be asked to leave the site.


Each unit up to 8 men is restricted to:

1 NCO – Can call a golden Comeback once per game.  Everyone is the unit is fully healed.

1 Medic – can remove 6 bandages from wounded soldiers

1 Engineer – can use dets and mines

1 MG – Can use an LMG or MG


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Posted : 05/05/2021 2:02 pm