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[Sticky] The Führer's Escape........ Game Details and Scenario

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February/early March 1945, SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Forces) received reports that German military, government and Nazi Party offices and their staffs were leaving Berlin for the area around Berchtesgaden, the site of Hitler's retreat in the Bavarian Alps.

On the 30 April 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in Berlin

On 25 April 1945,The Obersalzberg (Hitlers Bavarian residence)was bombed by hundreds of British Lancaster bombers, including aircraft from No. 617 Squadron RAF

On 4 May 1945, four days after Hitler's suicide in Berlin, departing SS troops set fire to the villa. Only hours later, the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division arrived at the local town of Berchtesgaden.

A Small group of Recon Troops found a tunnel entrance heavily guarded. Asking the local populace on where the tunnel led, No-one knew, but 1 or 2 people had suspicions it lead to the Fuhrer's Berghof residence. Several local people claimed to have seen the Führer's motorcade in the town at midnight two days before.

French Troops that had already visited the Berghof reported on its total destruction above ground level, but as it was still burning, they could not check the cellars.

Not knowing what to expect, the recon unit from the 3rd Infantry Division immediately requested specialist re-enforcements to explore the tunnels.
A small group of Airborne forces and engineers are en route.


A Legion of the damned game.

Due to the large amount of requests We received at the ODDBALL "Anarchy under the eagle" game in August 2011, for another game at the Drakelow tunnels, I have managed to secure this venue for the above mentioned game on the the 8th/9th December 2012.

Drakelow tunnels,
Kingsford Country Park,
near Kinver,
DY11 5SA

The game will initially have places for 20 Germans and 20 Americans, with a maximum of 30 per side if the first 40 places actually book up

For this game, booking will be done as per the "CIA STANDARD" (This IS NOT a CIA game, but these guys have set a very high standard on how to run an event, and the booking system they use works :good: )
Players pay for their booking up front to secure a place, on a first come first served basis. The cost will be £40. The main booking thread will open at the start of August 2012, this gives people lots of time to get ready, and a nice long run up to the game to allow people plenty of time to sell their place if they cannot attend later on.

I have booked the complex with First and only airsoft, and the site owner as well, and it is 100% confirmed by both party's
Due to the BBC filming in the complex, the original October dates had to be canceled, and the game has Unfortunately had to move to December
Insurance is provided First and only airsoft (a form will be provided on the day and i will post a link so you can download and complete it beforehand nearer the time)

Game Rules, uniform requirements and all other essential info will be posted in the next few days


Camping from 1900 hrs on Saturday 8th December 2012 will be allowed INSIDE the tunnels. (in the safe zone only)
There will be no power, but there will be lanterns and candles
There are now FULLY FUNCTIONAL male and female toilets inside the safe zone, that flush and toilet paper is provided.
Power will switch on at 0900hrs on the 9th December 2012.
The Game will run from 0930 hrs until 1630 hrs on the 9th December 2012.

More details and information will be posted in the run up to the event.
Thanks for reading :good:

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Posted : 07/04/2012 11:43 pm