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FILMSIM rules Update 2012

The focus as always is pushing more of a role-play element in the battles; guys making an effort to scream out when shot and play dead for a while whilst troops move over their corpses will add to everyone’s emersion.
Also playing in the spirit of the game is the order of the day, guys that play with an Airsoft skirmish attitude will be asked to leave as it will be ruining the effort made by the rest of the field. Don’t play for the win, play for the experience and remember, everything you do is part of everyone else’s experience.

Standard Game Rules FILMSIM

• When shot, a loud call of ‘HIT’ or ‘Agrrr’ should be made and the player is considered out of game.

• When hit the player must place a ‘HAND’ in the air to show they are no longer live.
Please try to re-act to locational hits for effect.

• Immediately fall to the ground and call ‘Medic’ if Allied or ‘Sani’ if Axis. If no one gets to you or all your bandages have been used you are dead.

• A shot player shouldn’t be targeted and cannot return fire until healed, UNLESS they try to crawl to safety. If shot whilst crawling you must call it, slump and stay on the ground for 10 seconds, then move off calling KIA. There is no limit to how far you can crawl however; you will bleed out in 5mins!

• Moving wounded. One man with two hands or two men with one hand each can drag a wounded soldier to safety! (Medics have their own rule)

• Any soldier can return to their HQ or a controlled CP and be fully restored to full hits (all bandages taken off)

• Dead players ‘DO NOT TALK’. Exception to use the call ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’

• If things are a bit hairy or you’re on your own in the middle of nowhere you make take an immediate KIA! Just put your hand in the air and call ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ Otherwise you must stay on the ground for at least 2mins. There is NO limit to how long you stay dead in the field however.

Getting back in the action

• If a live team mate can get to you they must tie one of your bandages to you wrist to make you live again. To move a wounded player, place your hand on their shoulder.

• All bandaging must be stationery and if either player is hit during the Medic or during the move, both must take a KIA and head back to a CP or HQ!

• A hit is anywhere on the body or the gun and ricochet must also be taken, if you think you’ve been hit, take it as your back in the game almost immediately.

BB Mines
If you set one off and are hit by the bbs it a ‘HIT’ (wound)

Explosive Pyro Affects
• Small structures 5m x5m Whole building is cleared – inside only
• Large buildings – 5m hard cover has affect including floor to floor stair wells and corridors.
• 5m away – hard cover has affect – outside only

If hit by a pyro you are KIA and must head back to a CP or your HQ!!

Artillery strikes, 10m away, cover has no affect.

NO reloading in the field (must be a CP or HQ) unless it’s by hand (no thumb loader) or at a live ammo crate.
You get 1 bandage in the field and a second if you wear a steel helmet.

Standing Orders

No man goes to war alone! If you find yourself alone or your squad dwindles to only 2 men, you can’t advance on a position or complete any tasks, you should go to ground and wait until re-enforcements arrive or fall back to your Squad flag or your HQ.

You can only leave a CP (after regen) if you have at least 2 live team mates to push off with so a squad of 3! (Hopefully they will be your squad members that have returned for you.) The only exception will be Snipers.

Officers can move around friendly positions on their own (at their own risk) but are still bound by the restrictions of the standing orders.

One of the best pieces of equipment you can carry in the field is a small notebook and pencil, so the game rules can be cut and pasted in and any addition tasks, maps etc be carried into the field. It’s only a suggestion but could also be used as a diary of your battles over the years.

Rules for load outs and Class

Each style of soldier has its own load out; the load outs are defined below. If you are not ranked or have not taken a special role you will be considered a soldier in the field!

Load outs

1. Combat Soldier - Load out
Can use a Sub-machine gun/assault rifle 350fps
Single shot ONLY rifle 370fps
Can carry 300rds
Can carry 4 grenades

2. sharp shooter– Load out
Can use a single shot bolt-action rifle up to 400fps with a .2 bb
Can carry 150rds
Can carry 2 grenades

3. Support – Load out
Can use a mobile support weapon firing at 350 fps (can be shot from the hip)
Can use a static MG firing at 370fps (must be deployed)
Can carry 2000rds loaded in mags but can carry bags of 500rnds to reload from when empty.

4. Sniper
Can use a bolt action rifle at 500fps and can move alone.
If killed, must return to HQ (no regen in the field

HIGH CAP MAGS - non MG/support
everyone is asked to make sure they only run mid caps if possible; however some rifles aren’t released with the option. If so you must bag up 300rnds and will be restricted to SINGLE SHOT ONLY!.
If you’re found poring ammo into your magazine in the field or using full auto, you are cheating!!

Special rolls

1. Lieutenant – In command of up to 15 men - Class
The Officer has access to a radio pack and is responsible for issuing commands in the field.
Can deploy a Squad cp. See squad CPs.

2. Medic – Class (1 per unit of 8men)
Medics cannot open fire whilst applying a bandage!
Moving wounded – Medics only need one hand to move a wounded soldier to safety.
Medics can carry up to 12 red bandages into the field; these bandages represent 1 healed wound. To heal a wound the medic takes off the white bandage of an injured soldier and hands it back to them, then replaces it with 1 of the red ones. Only a visit to an HQ can replenish red bandages lost but you can take them off dead men at a CPs. Only 1 red bandage can be applied to a soldier.

3. Engineer – Class (1 per unit of 8 men)
Can set charges and defuse bombs. – will need a tool kit
Can use a Bazooka to take out enemy vehicles and can repair damaged vehicles in the field which takes 5 Minutes per hit taken on the vehicle and the vehicle must be fully repaired to become active again.

Vehicles at GUNMAN

Only a person that has held a full drivers license for 5 years may drive Vehicles in the game. All vehicles will be self marshaled by the driver. All 4-wheeled+ vehicles are considered armored and will be awarded a certain amount of hits. Only strikes on the wheels or marked targets on the vehicles with Anti Tank (AT) weapons will count as a hit.
If the driver is hit, they are hit and must stop driving until bandaged or return from regen.

Types of vehicle.
Transport – vehicles used to transport troops can only fire from a fixed MG, not soldiers being transported and they must not be targeted or return fire unless deployed (got out of the vehicle and 2m away) Unless vehicle is switched off and being used as cover and have an armor of 2.
Light vehicles – Scout vehicles and bikes have NO armor and can be grenade x2 or anti vehicle x1.
Medium Vehicles – Armored cars and light tanks have armor of 3.
Heavy vehicles – large armored vehicles have an armor of 4.

Mines – Anti Tank (AT) and Anti Personnel (AP).
AT Mines
If pyro, the pro must be set up underneath the mine and easy to set off (Mk5 ONLY). A mine detector will negate any effect of a mine if held of the mine for 20 seconds and then an engineer must take a further 20 seconds to move it. If this is not done and the mine goes off, all with the 5m is KIA. Any vehicle that drives over, sets off or is within 5m of a mine is destroyed. The vehicle must remain in place with an orange smoke deployed. After the orange smoke is finished the vehicle can return to HQ for regen. AT mines can only be set up on roads or open fields.

AP Mines
Anyone caught within 5m of an AP mine is KIA. Please stay on the floor until after any action takes place or when you’re ready to get up. AP mines will come in many flavors and have to be dealt with be an engineer. After 20 seconds the engineer can defuse the mine with no affect (if it goes off, they can ignore the affect) ONLY BFG 9mm blank and bb mines count as AP mines.

Anti Tank (AT) weapons.
BB firing moscart AT weapons do 1damage (you know you’ve been hit because your vehicle will be covered in 100s of BBs).

NERF/foam missile does 2 damage.

Pryo AT weapons do 3 damage but must be self ref’d by the driver (if you see an AT gun firing at you, consider yourself hit)

Orange smoke is ONLY deployed to show a vehicle has been take out! Do not use it otherwise. Destroyed vehicles cannot be repaired and must return to HQ for 30 mins after the orange smoke has run out or can be abandoned in the field.


Command Points ‘CP’
Fixed CP (FCP)
Fixed CPs are usable by both sides of a battle and can be captured by either side.
During an assault on a CP all re-spawns and the re-load of Magazines are frozen until the attack is over. An attack will finish when all the soldiers on one side are killed or the attack looses it momentum and is no longer pushing forward onto the CP.
Too take control of a CP, 5 live men must hold it for 60 seconds without taking fire to change its allegiance.

Squad CP (SCP)
These CPs aren’t fixed but can be deployed by LTs in the field. They represent the squads extra ammo and medical supplies and act as a fixed CP except they can only be used by the side that controls them. If an enemy comes across a SCP they can destroys the equipment and remove the if from the game. To get the SCP back, the flag must be taken back to the HQ (supplies regained) so the squad can use it again.
The SCP must be tied up and visible for it to be active and if found and destroyed, simply untied and dropped on the floor. DONT HIDE THEM!!! Only an LT can deploy a SCP but anyone from the squad can take it down (gather the equipment) for re-deployment.

Mobile CP (MCP) or Supply Vehicle.
MCPs are vehicles that have been assigned the role of a CP and will have a flag flying from them. They have all the rules of a FCP and must be stationary for them to be used. It takes 5 mins to set one up and it be useable. They have armor of 1 and if captured (like a FCP) must return to the HQ for 30 mins before a new supply vehicle can be issued.

The HQ in all cases is ‘OUT OF THE ACTION’ and cannot be attacked unless by order from your command (top brass)

Supplies in the field - optional

Some events will employ the supplies in the field rule. This can only be done if a ‘LIVE’ ammo crate reaches the troops on the line. Once opened the troops must be within 2 meters of the ammo crate to reload. Example: a soldier has used 250 rds and can reload back up to 300rds! Command may also set up ammo dumps in the field to make it easier for the troops to get hold of their ammo. Vehicles can carry supply crates but they must be deployed on the ground to be used.

Capturing hidden supplies.
If you find an enemy crate in the field and its ‘Live’ you may use it to re-supply your troops but can’t move it from its location.

Uniforms restrictions
We ask all participants to make as much effort as possible on these battle weekends (no modern kit!) All uniforms must be period in look, we can provide clothing (Free rental) if you have; webbing must be canvas and leather only.

Weapons restrictions
All weapons must be period Airsoft weapons; the only exception is old style grip bolt actions and dressed M14s.

Most importantly, have a bloody good time!!!

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Thanks Josh for posting this up :)

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