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The Road To Monte Cassino

January 1944 The U.S. II Corps, with 34th Infantry Division under Major General Charles W. Ryder spearheading the attack and British troops (yes I know in reality they were French) on its right flank, launched an assault on Rapido valley north of Cassino and into the mountains behind with the intention of then wheeling to the left and attacking Monte Cassino from high ground.

Compounded by German minefields causing its armoured support to bog down, bad weather with little to no air support the work was hard and slow.

German corps commander von Senger of the 44 Division made sure there every inch of ground was contested, and allied forces were forced to pull back many times, his troops supported by elite SS and Gebirgsjager units were under strict orders not to retreat.

It took eight days of bloody fighting across the waterlogged ground for 34th Division to push back General Franek's 44th Infantry Division to establish a foothold in the mountains but at great cost. But the German 10th army had reserves already on route...and the battle was far from over.

Our Particular battle is taking part in bad winter conditions (hoping for snow like last year) has Units of the 34th Infantry with British Support trying to wear down the German Gebirgsjager units who are supported by SS troops.

Allied forces have moved forward and secured a local Italian prison for the new FOB, slowly trying to get supplies through so they can try and push through and take the high ground, but the German defenders are dug in and made up mainly of elite battle-hardened troops, who will fight for every inch of ground. The weather is worsening and both sides could do with more supplies and reinforcements.

Using the bad weather and nightfall a small team of US engineers managed to sneak forward and mine parts of the German front line, in the hope of allowing allied troops some breathing space to advance… a German patrol this morning discovered this the hard way and on further inspection, the minefield is a mix of infantry and armour mines planted along one of the main routes for German forces.

Von Senger has tasked the German force to make its priority to remove these mines asap to prepare for the arrival of the reinforcements…

The weather forecast has said a high chance of snow may be on the way so all troops have been told to wrap up warm...

Posted : 11/01/2019 10:28 am