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With a week to go, I thought it a good idea to post a few bullet points about kit and CiA gameplay in general. For those who have attended a CiA event before, it may serve as a reminder, for those who haven't, consider them the ten commandments!

1 Don't be a cock! This encompasses many things, such as cheating, going outside of the rules, not obeying orders, lone wolfing, etc, and is the number one rule of CiA. If in doubt, ask an organiser.

2 Ensure that you bring enough ammo, batteries, gas, food, water, etc, to last the whole event. Be prepared for extremes of weather, this should be looked on as a challenge, not an excuse to moan and sack it halfway through. We are not here to babysit ill prepared players.

3 If you are camping, make sure that you equipped to do so comfortably! This applies particularly if you are "period" camping.

4 PLEASE make sure that you read the game rules regarding ammo limits, medic'ing and regen. It saves a HUGE amount of time on the day if we don't have to go through them for the benefit of players who couldn't be arsed to read them on the forum.

5 Ensure that your weapon of choice falls within the specified fps limits. If you are using a rifle at over 370fps, you MUST be able to accurately judge the 25 metre minimum engagement distance (anyone running a weapon above 370 fps must also carry a sidearm for use under 25 metres). Rule number one applies here, big time!

6 Ensure that you arrive in plenty of time before the event begins. The start time is exactly that, a START time. It does not mean that you can roll up 10 minutes before game on and then expect to spend an hour twatting about loading mags and faffing with kit and moaning your batteries need charging. This has happened before and, at best it is downright rude to your fellow players and disrespectful to the organisers. The event will begin on time, with or without you.

7 Remember that this is not "airsoft" as you may know it. Within CiA, we spend a lot of time, effort and money to immerse you into the mindset of a WW2 soldier and to try to give you an idea of what combat was like 70 odd years ago. This means sticking to your orders and staying together as a unit and, is far more important than stitch perfect kit. Rule number one apllies here as well.

8 If you have any medical conditions, please point this out to an organiser before the event begins. (It's considered bad form to mention that you have a heart problem while you're twitching on the ground, foaming at the mouth, in the middle of a firefight).

9 If you are a CiA "virgin", you will find many old hands around you. If you are in any doubt, about anything, please speak to one of them, or an organiser.

10 Bring your sense of humour, a willingness to throw yourself into things and, some grit and determination. Oh, and, if you're staying for the social, bring beer, LOTS of beer!

Have fun!

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Posted : 08/10/2011 5:33 pm