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[Sticky] The Volturno Affair - Booking Thread (BOOKING CLOSED)

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The Volturno Affair

This is the official booking thread. As with all Comrades in Arms events, once you have booked and paid your name will appear on this list.

Before you book some final words about the event.
1. This is a CiA WW2 enactment event. We are looking to achieve a feel for what it was like to be a soldier in WW2. To do this we use a mixture of re-enactment, airsoft and role playing and encourage people who come to our events to embrace the same mindset. Most of all it is about having fun.
2. The site is large, 200 acres. Also the event will run in a day-long (11am - 8pm) format without breaks
3. Players are welcome to camp and attend one of the legendary CiA socials on the Saturday evening.
4. This is a restricted uniform event. Usual CiA rules re kit, weapons and camping, detailed here. For this event we are trying to be as inclusive as possible so have purposefully kept the kit restrictions very loose. Any German, British or American kit will be allowed, as well as Italian civilian partisan clothing.
5. Comrades in Arms has a minimum player age of 18 (at game date).
6. You do not need to be a member of Comrades in Arms to attend this event, it is open to all.
7. If you have a period vehicle and want to use it in game then please PM an organiser.
8. If you don't have the kit or weaponry to attend this event, simply ask if you can borrow some kit of a friendly fellow-player by asking in the thread linked to here.

Payment is £30 in full and can be paid in two ways:

- Paypal to info(at)comrades-in-arms(dot)co(dot)uk
- Cheque payable to 'Comrades in Arms' and sent to:
c/o Screen WM
9 Regent Place
B1 3NJ

Include your full name, forum name, and side and role you are playing.

15 places a side to start with although we will increase this if we can keep the sides balanced.

Game fees are non-refundable, however the place is transferable. If you are unable to attend then you may make your own arrangements to swap with another player, you can use the forum for this purpose. We only ask that you transfer German for German, Allied for Allied. If you want a side swap it must be approved by CiA organisers before transfer.

German Any airborne or infantry member of the German forces in Italy.

Old 'Un

1. Andy Kneale (Steiner)
2. Derek Scott (JD7)
3. Tony Jennings (rifleman6925)
4. Adrian Wright (Adeuk) - FJ
5. Graeme Maynard (Agent Orange) - FJ
6. Guy Siddle (Seidler)
7. John Murray (johno)
8. John Barton (django)
9. Martin Rapier (Martin R)
10. Sean Straw (Seanebabes)
11. Tim England (prideofengland)
12. Tom Reader
13. Adam Wainwright (Toska)
14. Maretha Van Der Merwe (Aster)
15. Carlo Antonelli (il duce)
16. Keith Lang (forester)
17. Gordon Turner (Hänschen Klein)
18. Gary Barton
19. Stephen Thomas (Cheeky Chappy)
20. Ian Smith
21. Matthew Wheeler (Mattywheels)
22. Andrew Crowley (crowley)
23. Tim Gow (macscrooge)
24. Mick Pirie
25. Martin Standbridge

British/American/Partisan Any airborne or infantry member of the British 8th or US 5th Armies. Any civilian Italian as partisan.

Sgt. Heide

1. John Nesbitt (pvtjohnny) - British
2. Peter Grice (Pete_59) - British
3. Martin Gill (Broadsword) - British
4. John Birchett (John Birchett) - British
5. Roland Depper (Hobnails) - British
6. Stu Dunn (MrSlippyfist) - British
7. Gary Ahmed (Omegaman) - British
8. Justin Parker - British
9. Robert Fenn (McVickers) - British
10. Matthew Willis - British
11. Sandy Eisen (Sandy)
12. Richard Heath (Yith) - US Infantry
13. Marsha Lorde (marsha) - US Infantry
14. Richard Southall-Brown (diamond) - US Infantry
15. Joe Ashley - US Infantry
16. Mark Tolley (cuff) - US Infantry
17. James Parker - US Infantry
18. Peter Bates - US Infantry
19. Chris Wray (cjw957) - US Airborne
20. Wayne Southall (Joshua Rose) - US Airborne
21. Paul Armstrong - US Airborne
22. Rob Cummings - US Airborne
23. Craig Rees - US Airborne
24. Joe Wyatt (major stiffee) - US Airborne
25. Kie Baldwin - US Airborne
26. Andrew Campbell - US Airborne

Posted : 11/08/2011 7:20 pm
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Folks, we've reopened booking for the German side and have extended places to 25 per side. Go ahead and book if you want to!

Posted : 18/08/2011 8:33 pm
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Only two places left on the Axis side!

Posted : 24/08/2011 9:22 pm
Old Un
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German side now fully booked

Given the imbalance, we may ask for volunteers to swap to the Allied side by the end of September if the numbers don't increase.

Posted : 28/08/2011 1:05 pm
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All places now filled. Booking closed.

Allies have 26 players as three bookings came in overnight.

Posted : 05/09/2011 6:40 am
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Notice to all booked players: If your name listed above does not have your forum username next to it, can you please PM me to let me know what it is?



Posted : 05/09/2011 8:34 pm