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[Sticky] The Volturno Affair - Scenario

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The Volturno Affair

15th October 1943.

Following the success of the breakthrough on the Volturno Line by the British 8th Army on 6th October by the US 5th Army on 12th October the Allies are re-grouping to prepare for the push North.

Generalfeldmarshall Albert Kesselring's German forces are in disarray and have retreated to form heavy defences along what it known as the Barbara Line.

However, having made contact with local partisan groups, Allied intelligence has heard of a number of German units still in action behind the Allied line in woodland to the south of Pontelandolfo. At present there is little information about these unit's movements but reports state that they are heavily armed, are dug into a fortified ridge line and may have some armoured elements.

Fearing the potential of a rear guard action, Lieutenant General Swan of the 5th and Field Marshal Montgomery of the 8th have approved the formation of a mixed-nations unit to liaise with local partisan elements and seek out the German forces and destroy them by all means possible.

Aware of the potential for their discovery, Kesselring has ensured that the finest elements from the German army in Italy are represented in the area around Pontelandolfo. He knows the importance of defending this area and his men will fight bitterly. They will not fail the Führer.

Posted : 11/08/2011 7:07 pm