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Booking details: please PayPal £38 (Please make sure to 'Gift' the fees please) for full Payment or £20 for deposit to - Please state your forum name and which side you want to join and which unit British Commando Heer or Russian Rifle Division.

To use Paypal log in to your account then look for Pay or Send Money at the top of the screen.
Click Send Money to Family or Friends
paste into the box
Please send money paying the fees.

Commando Monument Recovery Team FULL at the moment
Section Squad Leader- Zero Bravo
2ic Section leader- Allenby

1. Charlie Bennet - Universal Gunner (FP)
2. Major Disaster
3. Glynn (Zero bravo) (FP)
4 Fremsley (FP)
5. The Lone Marine (FP)
6. Ploppy (with Breadfish) (FP) Place available - contact Ploppy to buy it from him
7. Maxcwlenfant (FP)
8. Jake West (DP) Place available - contact Westy to buy it from him
9. agent orange +1 (FP)
10. Murse72 (DP)
11. Lavin80r (FP)

Russian 142nd Guard Div
Section Squad Leader- Mattywheels
2ic Section leader- Lutz

1. BootedFeet (FP)
2. MartinR (FP)
3. Crowley (FP)
4. hcompany (FP)
5. Lord Elpus (FP) Place available - contact Lord Elpus to buy it from him
6. Granger (FP) Place available - contact Granger to buy it from him
7. Paul Stirling (FP)
8. Matt Buckley (FP)
9. Mcgic001 (FP)
10. Place available

German Heer Guard Unit FULL at the moment
Section Squad Leader- Hänschen klein
2ic Section leader- agent orange

1. Breadfish (FP)
2. MSSW (with Breadfish) (FP)
3. HamMan (FP)
4. Phil Kellett (FP)
5. Luc
6. Slayd (FP)
7. Chris Stoel (FP)
8. rabbitspacker (FP)
9. Bart (FP)
10. Place available

Posted : 03/06/2018 8:48 am