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[Sticky] Forces Kit and Weapons

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Treasures of the Reich will be focused on the underground complex at Altaussee Mine in Austria 1945.

German Heer Guard Unit
Any Heer feldgrau uniforms are acceptable. No Camo of any description. Every German Heer Guard player needs a helmet for this event. If you don't have one ask in Kit Borrowing thread and we will get you one. SS helmet insignia MUST be covered.

Weapons: K98 Rifle or any other Wood stocked Bolt action Rifle preferred.
Mp40 Stg44 PPsh if you don`t have access to a rifle but please can we have as many rifles as we can.

NO Grenades.

The Allies trying to liberate the looted art will be drawn from Russia and Britain. Stalin has fast tracked a section from the Guards 142nd rifle Div South to reclaim lost art and liberate more! Churchill personally has sponsored a section of British Commandos as Monument recovery troops to be dropped into Austria also to claim as much booty as they can before the end of the war.

British Commandos
Any British or Commonwealth Commando kit with Cap Comforter or Denison Smock with Cap Comforter
Webbing as per Commando set ups including Bergens if you want.

Weapons: Stens Thompsons or Rifles are acceptable. You may also arm yourself with a Larp Commando dagger and Pistol. No Modern Pistols If you are really cheeky a Welrod pistol

Grenades will be supplied for your mission.

Russian 142nd Guard Div
Any wartime or post war Gymnastiorka is acceptable (remove shoulder boards please). Shinels, Telegroikas, etc are all fine. M40 style helmets are recommended (mainly for H&S reasons) again if you don`t have a helmet ask in Kit Borrowing thread and we will try and get you one.
Any WW2 Era Pistol, TT33, Makarov,P08,P38, PPK, 1911, Revolver, etc.
Mosin Nagant
Thompson - only if you are unable to obtain / borrow any of the above, please.

Support Weapons -Please No Support weapons

Ammo Restrictions - These will be very tight, 100 rounds per scenario, so you might be wise to choose the option of a bolt-action rifle or Pistol and LARP weapon.

Melee LARP weapons can be used by players, please feel free to make your own. All will need to be vetted by us on the day please contact us beforehand post a picture and inspire others.

Posted : 14/04/2018 6:26 pm