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BC-611 Handie Talkie carry method help.

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Hi everyone, I recently got a steal of a deal on ebay from an awesome guy who had one of the WPG BC-611 Handie Talkies which he rigged up a radio to. It has what I'm pretty sure is the "Shoulder Strap" I've seen being sold around however even at max extension it might be good to dangerously hang on just your shoulder but doing it across your body just doesn't work unless you're a twig.

What I'd like to do is find some method to hang it from me in a place where it's not going to fall but I can also get it to my ear. I thought I'd first come here for suggestions and to see if anyone else has their own working solution. I was thinking about somehow attaching it to my webbing however as the strap is sown around the sling points and I'd prefer not to cut it off. I would do it so the webbing straps could fit through but it would be quite the hassle to have to remove it after a game to then pack it away. I do know of the parachute rigger strap which if it was in my webbing colour I'd buy but it only comes in white and is designed solely for parachute use and looking around for reference images hasn't given me anything.

All ideas are welcome.

Posted : 24/02/2018 6:27 pm
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Hi. I had this issue as well.

I only have airborne kit so I just used the rigger harness and clipped it to my d ring on my suspenders, there's enough give to bring it to my ear when in game.

I've seen period pictures of guys with the handset slung around thier neck, but that would get tiresome I expect.


Posted : 05/03/2018 10:36 pm
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Yeah I imagine it will just bob about and smash me in the face if I put it around my neck. Hmm I do have a spare pistol belt which I might try to rig into a big sling.

Posted : 09/03/2018 7:56 pm
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hi there
you do know you can get a proper infantry protective bag with straps .
i've got one.
i know i bought one from one of three places
Epic military.
What price glory
S O F....
and they also sold the riggers harness for the walkie talkie's

Posted : 17/04/2018 3:06 pm