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Looking for contributors for an airsoft / tactical gear blog

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I'm John from tacticalbrute.com. I'm posting this for all of you because our blog is looking for new writers and content contributors.

We are looking for people who either have a military background, are seasoned airsoft players, or have some expertise in other military/outdoors-related fields (such as survival, shooting, prepping, hunting, etc.). 


A little bit about TacticalBrute: 

We are a military/outdoors-themed blog led by ex-military and outdoors enthusiasts that primarily focuses on articles about airsoft and tactical gear. But we strive to become the best information source for all things related to military/shooting/gear etc. 

We write about tactical gear setup and loadout guides, tips based on real-life experience, airsoft guides, other info articles, various product reviews about airsoft guns & equipment, and different tactical gear (such as plate carriers, battle belts, pouches, holsters and etc.) 

Currently, we have five content contributors from the US and Estonia, who all have military backgrounds. 


So, if you are interested in writing about airsoft, tactical gear, or other military-outdoors subjects, or you just have some cool/useful tips you would like to share with likeminded people, then reach out at: info@tacticalbrute.com

Posted : 21/12/2022 11:15 am
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