Cold weather affect
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Cold weather affect

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Played the first winter game on Sunday, not normally my the summer months much better.
Took spare guns as usual, all three Thompson's (two out on loan) worked fine all day, first outing for my Springfield lookalike(Cyma 702) worked fine got in some good long range shots, but the light rain we had stopped me using the scope, so down to iron sights for some time, very happy with the way the springer has turned out though.
My Garand didn't fare so well, OK in the beginning, but then started missing every other shot, electrics fine, but the cold must have affected the hop rubber as in the end, didn't fire any bb's at all, tried different ammo, but not good.
Have fitted Maple Leaf hop rubber, and tight bore barrel, was working fine in the autumn, but doesn't seem to like the cold. Played the game for the afternoon with the Thompson.
By the time I got home, (2 hour run) in a warm car, unloaded equipment, fired said Garand in've guessed it! Works fine. So looks like a "summer use" weapon only!

Posted : 18/12/2017 11:27 pm
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My BAR doesn't like the cold weather. Last time I used it the accuracy and fps was incredibly varied. Unlike the night before when I tested it in my nice warm house. Funny how it goes sometimes. I haven't had any similar problems with my other guns though (touch wood)



Posted : 19/12/2017 7:26 am
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Hi when i go to a cold event i wrap the gun in insulation and zip it in a gun bag and stand it next to my radiator in my hall way.This way my gun is well warm when i load it in my car,i also put a hot water bottle
in with it just before i leave and put it near a hot air vent in the car.
Also you could get some of those re-usable heat pads and stick it in the mag well half hour before the game,some guns wont even shoot with a cold hop rubber or have fps cut in half,warm it up and it will work again.
One of my guns went down at that game,the tappet plate spring snapped.gun is old and well used so can't complain,about 50k shots.Zero wear on the piston and gears though.Its only a $38 cyma v3 gearbox,they are very solid.

Posted : 19/12/2017 9:12 am
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My Sten worked fine although I wrapped a cloth around it to keep the rain out. I had to adjust the hop at one point, so maybe the the hop rubber was a bit frozen up at that point.

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Posted : 19/12/2017 12:47 pm
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Hop rubbers can be badly affected by cold weather , if they are rubber based then they can stiffen often to the point of stopping the gun feed and even silicone hop rubbers will probably need hop adjustment on very cold days .
For gas guns it's even worse , if the gun still fires then the cooling effect further cools and hardens hop rubbers even more compounding the cold weather effect.

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Posted : 19/12/2017 8:30 pm
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Had the same issue with my Sterling - was firing fine most of the day then it just 'went'. Even after being at home its still not right so new hop rubber time I think

Posted : 20/12/2017 11:21 am
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I have to say that new hop rubber designs have improved range,but a standard style rubber made by TM very capable,and does seem to do the job in all conditions.Also it lasts a long time does not have the feed lips tear,and does not go hard after time.It just seems to have that quality guarantee and dependability.
Some other rubbers i have worked with are more prone to tearing just during instalation,or re-instalation,so likely it will not give extended service either.
People have spent hours trying new hyped products and found the TM good enough and gone back to using it.Whats more you can get it for £2 or 3 from WGC shop in Hong Kong.


Posted : 20/12/2017 11:48 am
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Tried the Garand today, working fine, so it was the cold, on the day. Today (where I am) was damp but not cold. So it seems it only likes warmer weather!

Posted : 21/12/2017 8:29 pm
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Airsoft guns are designed in places where it's not that cold, so they don't really work as planned in the cold. Hop up is as stated the first to start acting up, batteries on AEGs are the second one to look out for. Note that it's not just the cold, if it's a bit damp and add colder weather to that, most hopup rubbers don't work. Silicon hopups are better that rubber in the cold, they too have some issues in it. This is from someone playing in Finland, the UK is warm compared to us :giggle:

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Posted : 31/12/2017 12:48 pm