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Lewis gun replica

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Gathering parts and materials for the Lewis gun build, so far made a plaster cast of a magazine, to be used as a “master” to make a mould for casting fibreglass mag covers.

  Some definition shaping to do as this is a copy of a copy, so to speak. Definition suffers when multiple copies are made, so a little bit of reworking should result in a usable mould to knock out some realistic looking mag covers. The plan is to make a separate “snail” mag that is stationary, and a moving mag cover to simulate the real movement when firing.

  This will of course take some time to perfect the action, so there will be no production of this until I have a reliable moving mag cover.

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Posted : 28/07/2022 1:32 pm
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Hooray! Back on site! Bought this mag to copy, as I wasn’t too happy with the other one, it still may be useful, but this one has great detail, as soon as I’ve finished the backlog of Enfield no.4’s this becomes a priority.

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Posted : 13/08/2022 9:26 pm