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Our first batch of SMLE rifles from S&T have landed.
We are genuinely supprised at the quality of these! Heavy, easy to cock, nice markings... The wood could do with a restain.
The metal work, a lot like their Kar98k V2, has that brush stroked steal appearenct to it and really has that authentic old gun look. It wouldnt take too much effort to make this look like an original from North Africa, 1942.
These will be shipped off to the first 5 orders today... Second Batch is on its way.
Get your orders in before they land! 4 left!
"I can attest to how good these are out of the box. There are some that’ve found the spring a little stiff after a whole as it warps. There’s some easy fixes to easily help this should yours be a little stiff." - Adam Hodsdon

Posted : 14/04/2022 3:08 pm