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November 7, 2011

Lee Enfield No. 4 from KTW

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Written by: admin

KTW Co Ltd announce their bolt action No. 4 at a rather eye-watering £1075 (¥134,400).

Length: 1130mm
Weight: 3.2kg
Number of rounds: 13
Power: Air Cocking bolt
(assumed to mean spring powered rather than gas)
Stock: Oil finished beech wood
Accessories: Slings
Price: ¥134,400
Release date: December 1st 2011
KTW Enfield No. 4


KTW Enfield No 4
Bolt operation, like a real gun, is designed with reduced bolt rotation (compared with our Mosin-Nagant)


KTW Enfield No 4
Push the magazine release lever to remove the dummy magazine.


KTW Enfield No 4
BB magazine revealed with winding gear and safety switch.


KTW Enfield No 4
You can fire when you insert the dummy magazine.


KTW Enfield No 4
Hop adjustment hole. Turn right to increase hop, decrease to the left. The factory adjustment is for Marui 0.25g BBs.


KTW Enfield No 4
The muzzle. Fittings such as front sight and bayonet lug are faithful to the real gun.


KTW Enfield No 4
Folding rear sight with characteristic over-size peep hole for quick aiming.


KTW Enfield No 4
When the rear site is raised the peep sight has a small aperture.


KTW Enfield No 4
Aim can adjust to a maximum of 1,300m just like the real gun although way beyond airsoft range!


KTW Enfield No 4
Dummy safety catch. Oil stock finish is beech, traditional of the British Empire Army.


KTW Enfield No 4
Brass butt plate with oil/cleaning kit cover open.


KTW Enfield No 4
Care taken to ensure close tolerances with lid gaps without gaps.


KTW Enfield No 4
Characteristic fixed sling swivel angle.


KTW Enfield No 4
Reproduction sling is included.


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