Playing by the rules

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Playing by the rules

Postby Tin » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:05 pm

Fireball has been lucky enough to host around 20 or so ‘filmsim’ style games over the last few years, most of which have been WW2 based. These games, run by Chris Wray and his merry band of 34th Infantry have been very successful and have certainly rekindled my love of airsoft. A huge amount of effort and cash is put into these games all to try and give the best experience possible.

The rules of these games are based upon Josh’s well established rules that should be familiar to just about everyone on this forum that attends games. One or two tweaks to suit the different game style and site, but nothing major.

The games run themselves. No marshals, no hi vis jackets spoiling the scenery or photos.

The overall emphasis of these games is the experience of playing in a squad while completing a series of missions. Part of that involves getting shot, playing dead, hamming it up a bit before screaming “medic”, “sani”, or “pikatchoo” (you had to be there), before being revived by a team mate with a bandage or morphine ampule.

This aspect of still being ‘alive’ and a part of the squad/team after being shot means that there is absolutely no need to cheat during this style of game, which brings me to the point.

After 20 or so games using this system and having no major issues with cheating, it pains me to hear of multiple complaints, both on the day and after, about a small number of players at the recent Battle for Cervaro event.

The phrase “I don’t want to raise a fuss but...” has been spoken by a number of players all naming specific individuals. Individuals that should be setting an example!

Not only does cheating ruin the game for those attending, but it also reflects on the site and game organisers. It can also affect future bookings if cheats are known to have booked up.

At Fireball we ban cheats rather than let their poor sportsmanship ruin the day for everyone else. The game is our priority!

We will ban such players particularly if this behaviour is witnessed by a Fireball member (marshal), I won’t have these games ruined by people that somehow think that rules do not apply to them. I won’t be drawn into naming names, but suffice to say that cards have been marked.

My advice:
Take a few minutes to read the game rules before the day.
When you get shot, die, loudly; Writhe on the floor for a minute or three. Watch the action for a bit, or the sky and the clouds.

Play with honour.

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Re: Playing by the rules

Postby Jay7 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:03 pm


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