Tropical Uniform

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Tropical Uniform

Postby Hirate Sakimori » Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:58 pm

No connection to this site personally apart from I sometimes shop from them. SOF military are selling "Japanese IJA" tropical uniform. the colour is a bit on the lighter side but other than that the tunic, pants and puttees are correct. The Havelock cap is also available as is the traditional "Army" helmet. They have limited numbers of repro arisaka cartridge belts but no rifles yet. :)

I know its early in the year but it is good to prepare the young Hokusai's for summer campaign. ;)

Also I hearing news about a company in Scotland making reproduction Shin Gunto blunts for use in re-enactment. I am also trying to get some custom Larp style foam swords as well... just in case... for that good old charge...

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