Operation Lightning - Information and Story.

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Fought at the Battle of Hastings
Fought at the Battle of Hastings
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Operation Lightning - Information and Story.

Postby Gadge » Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:08 pm

PBI & KGSS Presents:

‘Operation Lightning’

A WWII Airsoft Private Battle. March 29th 2009 at Grange Farm Airsoft.

High in the Yugoslavian foothills pro-communist guerrilla have struck repeatedly at Hitler’s garrison troops. Over the last year the partisans have been aided by a crack platoon of Britain's 2 Commando who have supplied the fickle irregulars with weapons, money and above all training… For years Germany’s secret agents of the Abwehr –the Brandenburg Commando – have attempted to infiltrate the partisans without success, even military action by the Prinz Eugen division has failed to capture Marshall Tito and his lieutenant Konstantin Popovic.

The Fuhrer in a fit of outrage at the failure of Operation Rosselsprung has ordered an elite combat group of the 9th Waffen SS to be diverted from Russia to Yugolsalvia with orders to seek and destroy Popovic and his British allies!

Welcome to the latest Poor Bloody Infantry & Kampfgruppe SS WWII airsoft battle - we intend to take you back over 60 years to the second world war where *you* can experience the tension and action of infantry combat!

We’re pleased to join forces with KGSS for our second airsoft battle day and feature the actions of a single platoon of British commandoes and their partisan allies against the might of the 9th Waffen SS, axis garrison and Abwehr agents.

As a Brit you can play as one of the raiders of 2 Commando assigned to assist the Yugoslavian communist partisans, as an Axis player you will play one of the 9th SS kampfgruppe sent in to assassinate the partisan leader or one of the beleaguered wehrmacht garrison.

If you choose to play as a Partisan/Brandenburg Commando each mission you will be randomly assigned to one side or the other (you may end up playing the whole game on one side however) and given a secret ID card. This is to create a feeling that you are never sure which ‘civilians’ are on your side and to prevent players from recognising a players outfit and knowing they are a friend or foe.

Should you choose to play a partisan their may be times when you are selected to play a non combatant unarmed role such as a scientist or mayor, the fact that you may potentially have to undertake these duties for a single ‘combat mission’ is reflected in the lower game fee.

We’ve chosen to do this to avoid the ‘partisan’ simply becoming a rifle squad in shirtsleeves, we’d like their to be an element of risk inn approaching a civilian or even shooting them! You have to be sure before you pull the trigger if he’s your contact or an enemy… he may even be an innocent civilian with a job to do!

British 2 Commando – 15 places
Waffen SS Assassination squad – 10 places
Heer garrison – 5 places
Partisan/Brandenburg – 10 places

Kit requirements:

2 Commando
As per PBI 2 commando kit list.

9th SS
As per KGSS unit specs.

325th Sicherung Regiment (garrison troops)
Heer feldgrau (no camo items please)

Brandenburg Commando/Partisan
1940s civilian attire, you may intersperse this with odd items of military jackets, trousers, boots etc but please do not wear a full uniform, keep it irregular.

PBI’s series of Frontline games will portray the action of a single platoon of Allied and Axis troops as they wage war over one single day of the Second World War. Instead of recreating a large battle or operation, here you will be experiencing action from an infantryman's perspective.

As a combat mission game players will fight in a series of engagements throughout the day with the outcome of each battle affecting the next scenario to be played.

Cost and Booking
The total cost for this event will be £25 per person. We'll need £5 of this cost as a deposit paid on booking. The remaining £20 should be paid on the day. To play as a partisan/brandenburger will cost £20 – again £5 of this must be paid in advance.

Private Battle FAQ:

Q: Why a private battle?
A: For some time a number of UK wwii airsofters have been wanting to try a more realistic days skirmishing, commercially this is unviable and may come across as a bit elitist to insist that folk have high standards of kit and turnout. By making this an invitation only event we can avoid offending anyone or any undue debate by making sure that all the players there really want the same experience.

Q: Why cant I play American/Russian/Fallschrimjager?
A: We’re trying to create the most realistic WWII airsoft experience possible here and as such we’ve tightened up the allowed kit to near re-enactment levels, that also means we need to have a sensible mix of troops on the ground.

As this is a private battle we do not need to worry about being inclusive as we would in a public event.

Q: Why Yugoslavia/Operation Lighting?
A: Operation Lighting is a fictional battle based on real events (operation rosselsprung – the attempt to capture Marshall Tito). In many WWII games the Germans are in a late war setting and there fore on the defensive. The nature of guerrilla warfare in the Balkans means that we can create a much more balanced ‘meeting engagement’ without bending the rules too much.

Q: How are Frontline games different from other WWII airsoft games?
A: We're hoping the Frontline games will allow the players to feel they are part of a platoon with specific roles and objectives. We'll be sending you on missions or you'll be patrolling with clear objectives. Though your objectives might not be that grand, they will be similar to those given to a fighting patrol or scout group in 1944/45.

Q: How accurate does my kit have to be?
A: For this one – spot on please. If you are not sure check with your unit leaders/organisers and if you really cant get the kit together we can lend you some.

Q: Can I camp out the night before, I’ve a long way to drive.
A: Yes that’s fine, we’ve arranged for you to be able to stay over free of charge.

Q: My mates really sound, can I bring him along?
A: This is an invite only private battle, we welcome other sensible new players to join in but please consult with your unit co-ordinator before bringing any extra players into this game.

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