PBI June game - St Lo (US vs SS & FJ)

St. Lo - Hell in the Hedgerows - Saturday 20th June 2009
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Fought at the Battle of Hastings
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PBI June game - St Lo (US vs SS & FJ)

Postby Gadge » Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:34 am

Heya guys

PBI have decided to branch out slightly and run one of our 'combat mission' style game specifically for US players as we felt otherwise they might feel left out... Please not unlike Operation Lightning which is a private battle, the battle for St Lo is open to all players who can meet the kit requirement.

so without further ado...

PBI Presents ‘Hell in the Hedgerows’ The Battle for St Lo

A Frontline Combat Mission event. 20th June 2009 at Grange Farm Airsoft.

Beyond Overlord… and on to St Lo.

“As the rifle section advanced along the country trail, the church spire of the historic town could be seen peeking above the treeline, signalling to the section leader the lead scout indicated a crossroads ahead… suddenly the air was torn with the sound of incoming fire as well hidden MG42 raked the trail from the impenetrable bocage… Diving headfirst into the roadside ditch the 82nd Airborne prepared to return fire…”

July 5th 1944, as the Allies push inwards from their beachheads and advanced towards the town of St Lo the elite soldiers of the US 82nd Airborne found themselves facing their match in the crack troops of the Waffen SS 17th Panzer Division… rushed into the battle to stem the headlong flight of German forces in Normandy!

As the 82nd approached the ancient town every hedgerow became a fortification and every house a death-trap as the Waffen SS attempted to throw the invaders back onto the beaches and into the sea.

Welcome to the latest Poor Bloody Infantry WWII airsoft battle - we intend to take you back over 60 years to the second world war where *you* can experience the tension and action of infantry combat!

This event is PBIs third airsoft battle day and features the actions of a single company of US Airborne and their erstwhile Axis opponents.

As an American you can play as one of the paratroopers or as one of the glider borne soldiers of the 82nd airborne. As an axis player you can play as either a member of the elite 17th SS panzer division sent in to repel the assault or as one of veteran 13th Fallschrimjager defending the hedgerows.

Kit requirements:

82nd Airborne, 505 PIR, Able Company, 2nd Platoon
US Paratroops – US airborne m42 uniform (M43 acceptable)

82nd Airborne, 325 glider infantry, Dog Company, 1st platoon
US Gliderborne – US line infantry uniform
(no USMC, Tank uniforms or camo HBT please)

84th Korps

This is a composite formation consisting of.
17th Waffen SS Panzer grenadiers
13th Fallschrimjager

PBI’s series of Frontline games will portray the action of a single platoon of Allied and Axis troops as they wage war over one single day of the Second World War. Instead of recreating a large battle or operation, here you will be experiencing action from an infantryman's perspective.

As a combat mission battle players will fight in a series of engagements throughout the day with the outcome of each battle affecting the next scenario to be played.

Cost and Booking
The total cost for this event will be £25 per person. We'll need £5 of this cost as a deposit paid on booking. The remaining £20 should be paid on the day.

St Lo FAQ:

Q: Why cant I play British/Russian
A: The main reason is that the 'Frontline' games are based on a micro view of a battle, like in 'Band of Brothers' we'll be dealing with the adventures of one platoon and how the war was for them on that given day. Although UK troops played a major part in the Normandy campaign they were many miles away from the US Airborne area of operations. We're concentrating on the adventures of 20 or so plucky yanks and an equal amount of brave SS men and their 84th Korp allies.

If you have Heer kit you can still play on the German side but wherever possible try to fit in as either waffen ss or fallschirmjager foot soldier. Please avoid using any obvious heer items like splinter smocks or panzer blacks etc.

Q: Why St Lo?
A: St Lo is an epic battle of the Normandy campaign, the brutal hedgerow fighting around it is particularly suited to the site we have chosen. We also wanted to give US and SS players a taste of a PBI game without feeling they had to splash out on new kit. As US airborne wore two types of uniform (both para and line infantry)… all we do ask you to do is please rebadge for the 82nd airborne if you can or at least remove any obvious insignia of other units.

Q: How are Frontline games different from other WWII airsoft games?
A: We're hoping the Frontline games will allow the players to feel they are part of a platoon with specific roles and objectives. We'll be sending you on missions or you'll be patrolling with clear objectives. Though your objectives might not be that grand, they will be similar to those given to a fighting patrol or scout group in 1944/45.

Q: How accurate does my kit have to be?
A: Pretty much the same as for any other CiA game although this time we're trying to make it appear that all the players on each side are from the same unit rather than a composite force of several regiments.

Q: Can I camp out the night before, I’ve a long way to drive.
A: Yes that’s fine, we’ve arranged for you to be able to stay over free of charge.

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