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Postby Steiner » Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:27 pm

1. Do not trust any civilians. The country is in a total mess, with various factions vying for power in the vacuum being left as the Germans are forced out. There are Belgian nationalists, Nazi sympathisers and even stinkin' Commies! Each have their own agenda, and most don't give a rat's ass about the forces of liberation, so be on your guard. If you see a civilian, order them to approach with their hands in the air. Make sure they show you their papers. If they don't obey, shoot them. And whatever you do, leave the women alone! In addition to venereal disease, you might get a knife in the back too.

2. I don't need to remind you that this mission is top secret. The future of the United States in post-war balance of power could be at stake. We are to locate and deliver one of the top Nazi scientists - and any relevant material - into safe hands. We may (unfortunately) be having to liaise with the Brits at some stage - to be honest, I trust them about as much as the Commies, but it's something we have to live with.

3. Enemy forces are still at large. Whilst most of the regular Kraut troops have either surrendered or retreated, there are intelligence reports that crack SS troops have been seen in the area. You can bet your life that they will do anything to prevent us carrying out our mission. Any sightings of enemy troops must immediately be reported to your superior officer.

4. Field tactics:
- Always move in your assigned units. Do not get isolated, or you'll end up dead. If you take a hit, nobody will be there to give you medical attention.
- Always use whatever cover is available. When advancing always move in appropriate formation, leaving 5 yards between yourself and the next man; otherwise a well-placed grenade could take the whole squad out.
- Always advance under covering fire - half the squad provide covering fire whilst the other half advance.

Any questions?


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