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Operational Briefing

Postby Boshman » Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:18 pm

1. Do not trust any civilians. This country is in a total mess, with various local factions vying for power in the vacuum being left as our forced withdraw to the fatherland. As well as our own Abwehr agents there are numerous ressitance groups operating Belgian nationalists, and even some Bolsheviks ! These groups have their own agenda, so be on your guard at all times. If you see a civilian, order them to approach with their hands in the air. Make sure they show you their papers. If they don't obey, shoot them. And whatever you do, leave the frau alone! In addition to venereal disease, you might get a knife in the back too.

2. I don't need to remind you that our mission highly secret. The future of the Reich could be at stake. We are tasked with locating and delivering safely back to the fatherland, one of our top scientists, and any relevant material which the Amis have captured and stolen. We will unfortunately be reliant to a degree on the liason with our Abwehr agents in the area but - to be honest, I trust them about as much as I trust Göring's Luftwaffe, but it's something we have to live with.

3. Enemy forces are at large. and will certainly outnumber our small force. We should make every effort to avoid any unnessersary engagements with the Amis to preserve our numbers and our ammunition as much as possible. Stealth, cunning, cammoflague and concealment will win the day. Any sightings of enemy troops must immediately be reported to your superiors.

4. Field tactics:
- Always move in your assigned units. Do not get isolated, or you'll end up dead. If you take a hit, nobody will be there to give you medical attention.
- Always use whatever cover is available. When advancing always move in appropriate formation, leaving 5 yards between yourself and the next man; otherwise a well-placed grenade could take the whole squad out.
- Always advance under covering fire - half the squad provide covering fire whilst the other half advance.

Any questions?
“I wanted to come to the Volga at a specific location at a specific city. By chance it carries the name of Stalin himself. So don’t think I marched there for this reason – it could carry another name – but because there is a very important goal... this goal I wanted to take – and you know – we are very modest, we have it already."
Adolf Hitler, November 1942

"Comrades, Red Army men, commanders and political workers, men and women guerrillas! It is on your perseverance, staunchness, fighting skill and readiness to discharge your duty to the country that the defeat of the German-fascist army and the liberation of the Soviet land from the Hitlerite invaders depend! We can and must clear the Soviet land of Hitlerite vermin."
Joseph Stalin, November 1942


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