Russian made airsoft F-1 "limonka" grenade

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Russian made airsoft F-1 "limonka" grenade

Postby WAFFMANN » Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:22 pm

Disclaimer: I’m a foreign living in the other side of the world (Caracas –Venezuela) I don’t know the UK laws regarding pyrotechnics but this is an Airsoft grenade thought it would be safe to post it, if not I apologize and feel free to remove this post admins I didn’t mean to traspass any laws.

This been said last night recent events involving grenades here in my country made me watch grenade videos in youtoube one video lead to another then I found this I was over exited it took me tons of instagram scrolling in my phone to get to sleep. ...

I started looking the video thinking hey what a cute looking f1 toy grenade then he pulls the pin trows and it explodes dad was in bed so I google translate to see what does it say in the title “Airsoft grenade F-1” I started looking for it in youtube here is a slow motion video

it is practically a non lethal f1 with working UZRGM plastic fuze and plastic casing that actually frags I can only imagine me with at least 6 of this popping in rooms and immediately jumping in spraying a ppsh xD

since I cant play Airsoft anymore since 2009, had no one to share with so I made this post, hope any of you can get this and have all the fun I’ll imagine it will be. :happydance:

Ps: there was also this video but there is no information on it or at least I could found it, is a Model 24 Stielhandgranate there is no ceramic ball but the string attached to the cap does the work
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