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Fought at the Battle of Hastings
Fought at the Battle of Hastings
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Jedburgh Site

Postby Old Un » Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:39 pm

For those who can remember back that far, the IED's Glyn Ceriog site is the same one as we used for Churchills Revenge.

As part of the IED regulars, I have played four E&E's here, the last one commanding the hunter side. We always had a belter of a weekend on this site .

GC is 700 acres, about 2 km long and 1 km wide, has a river, roads running through the middle of it and is 80% forested. It's mostly pine , but there are some nice broadleaf bits in the south of the site.

The thick forests have been thinned out a bit recently , taking larger trees and some of the undergrowth out which means the site is easier to move and see through , and there are more natural defensive postions in the stocks of felled logs. The central area around the crossroads which was deforested some time ago ( the bit the IED regulars called ' no mans land' ) has sprouted a large number of new trees , which gives better cover than before.

I can't guarantee the weather, but the site is still as awesome as it was .

Some pics from our CiA last visit are here ...

Churchills pics

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