Jed Teams and Tasks

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Fought at the Battle of Hastings
Fought at the Battle of Hastings
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Jed Teams and Tasks

Postby HeadShot » Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:07 am


As you've been here for a number of weeks already, you will be aware of the ongoing problems we are having with the local Maquis. Because of this, and ongoing German interference, we have had to adapt our mission accordingly; more on that below.

As it stands, we will continue operate in three teams of three and these will be your Jedburgh teams for the duration of the mission. Equipment and additional weapons and ammunition are going to be dropped in containers and with luck these will be collected by the Maquis and cached for us once we have cleared the dropzone and made contact.

Jed teams are:

Martin Sole - Leader
Andrew Kneale - Executive Officer
Stephen Saunders - Radio Operator

Stuart Dunn - Leader
Richard Vaughan - Executive Officer
Paul Saunders - Radio Operator

Stephen Badham - Leader
Matthew Webb - Executive Officer
Edward Wheeler - Radio Operator


As you know, we have been tasked with supplying and training local Resistance and Maquis forces. However, German activity in the area may have put them into hiding for the time being. It seems that Jerry is listening in on our transmissions and our supply drops are either getting captured, or scattered due to heavy AA fire. Information from London has revealed that the Germans have a radio listening station and direction finder in this area, which are the thorns in our side and are thwarting our supply drops, as well as jeopardising our vital mission.

Luckily, an SAS contingent has recently inserted into our area of operations. They will provide valuable assistance with locating the German threats and aiding us in their destruction. Our initial task is to locate 3 nearby mis-dropped supply containers, as we are short on ammunition. Once we have discovered these supplies, we will be in a position to defend ourselves, then locate and link up with the SAS.

We will then liase with them and formulate a plan to remove the German threats in this area. We must avoid contact and capture at all costs, as a grim fate awaits should we fall into enemy hands. Not to mention the possibility that, should we fail, the entire Allied advance on Cherbourg will be fatally delayed.


To ensure the ongoing success of our mission please ensure that you are adequately equipped according to the briefings given by SFHQ. As a reminder you may review these documents in the attached memo.

Of vital importance, and issued to each Jed Team, are our Jed Sets (an adapted version of the Type B Mark II radio). These will allow us to communicate with SFHQ and other forces within the combat zone. There are three sets, one for each team Picture below:


Good luck gentlemen and I look forward to continuing to work with you on this important mission.

Captain Badham - Jed Team Ronald
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