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SAS Initial Briefing

Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:14 pm
by Sgt.Heide
We are the advance party for the rest of the squadron, who will be moving to, or dropping near to, this location in the very near future to reinforce us. For now, we are on our own. Our initial task is to secure a harbor area and conduct patrols of the surrounding area.

Within our area of operations, are several active "Jedburgh" teams, who have requested assistance with locating and destroying a German transmitter and radio direction finder, which are causing them problems with organising supply drops in order to equip and arm local French Resistance forces. Therefore, our primary task, is to assist these teams, who lack the firepower and numbers that we have at our disposal.
We will RV with the Jedburghs at a prearranged location and time and share information with them and then, formulate plans to remove the German threats with a coordinated assault.

I need not remind you of the Germans "Fuhrer order". We must avoid contact and the risk of capture at all costs.