Overview of German schedule

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Overview of German schedule

Postby Chomley-Warner » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:00 am

For the weekend of the 10/11th we are having some well earned R&R away from the front lines. Unfortunately our short spell in pleasant French countryside is somewhat marred by reports of increasing terrorist activity. The resistance are getting bolder and are increasingly well supplied with weapons by allied air drops, assisted by allied special agents who are being dropped by parachute into our laps. Two distinct groups have been identified: SAS teams who have linked with French resistance to organise raids and disrupt power, telecommunication and rail lines and so-called Jedburgh teams who are very lightly equipped and appear to be both coordinating air supply from London and forging links with resistance groups. We don't have details of numbers but we do know that since the allied landings parachute drops in our area have been incessant.

Our tasks then are split four ways:
1. Command and control of our sector: we must have sufficient presence on the ground to deter terrorist activity.
2. Construct a working encampment and headquarters as a secure base for our forces.
3. Actively hunt out 'hot' areas of resistance.
4. Intercept radio traffic for both intelligence and transmission location

To this end we will be organising:
Foot and motorised patrols
Mortar team
Machine gun team
Direction Finding radio team
Mine detection team
Radio operator

Nothing can be left to chance - roads must be cleared for safe passage, radios, mortar and defensive positions must be maintained at all times. Observers will be positioned at key vantage points.

By rotating staff we will be able to ensure our hard working troops will be rewarded with rest periods.

Key to our success will be teamwork and communication. Your commanders must be kept fully informed of all activity in the area so that best use can be made of our resources and ensure that we are always able to respond quickly to unfolding events. Your commanders need to plan and to do this they must have accurate information.

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