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Security report

Postby Chomley-Warner » Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:20 am

Radio interception has identified two types of transmission that clearly point to a fixed point resistance cell and mobile operatives.

This ties in with our knowledge that there is an HQ of sorts run by previously air dropped commandos (of some type) who are liaising with local French resistance and conducting harassing operations on our troops. In addition to this, every night they are dropping small groups of three men. Previous captures indicate they are specially trained for the role and consist of American, British and French officers. Their role seems to be to coordinate the resistance into a cohesive terrorist force and controlling uprising in a military useful way. Each team carries a radio with which to communicate with London and arrange supply drops - uniforms, arms, ammunition, radio equipment and medical supplies.

We have in our inventory a direction finding radio receiver which we will keep deployed at all times and use to help us in the search for the enemy in our midst. In addition to that we also have a radio station in our HQ that must also constantly record enemy radio traffic and pass all intelligence to higher authorities.

Our defences will take four forms.
Passive - barbed wire, movement alarms and mine fields controlling access to camp.
Sentry - fixed point sentries at strategic positions.
Active - mortar and machine gun positions, pre-ranged on expected areas of attack.
Pro-active - foot and mechanised rapid reaction squads.

All indicators so far are that the Allied force in our area is still small, probably too small to launch a full scale attack on our HQ. However we are very vulnerable to ambushes and commando raids so we must be alert at all times. Roads must be cleared of hazards such as booby traps and mines before transport takes to the roads - pioneer teams must be sent ahead and Feldgendarmerie approval for road transport must be given. Foot patrols are particularly vulnerable to attack - one or two men are much more vulnerable than five or six. Assets must be protected, often meaning an operator and guard at the very least.

But the key to our success will not be sitting tight in our HQ but going out into our sector, probing for enemy agents, caches or encampments, making our presence felt in the most forceful way we know how. This isn't an army we are fighting but a bunch of wily, well trained and mobile special agents. We must keep the upper hand and keep a vice-like grip on our operations - they are trying to disrupt our activities, our aim should be to disrupt theirs.

Die Sieg ist Unsren!!

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