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Postby Chomley-Warner » Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:31 pm

We have two pieces of radio equipment both able to receive enemy transmissions. We have already found the frequency they are transmitting on - they do not have a scrambling facility nor alternative crystals.

The first is the direction finder which will be taken out into the field. Clearly this is a most valuable piece of kit as the closer we get to the enemy the more likely it is that we will be able to intercept enemy transmissions. This brings with it a security problem so there will need to be a Funker as well as a guard - the number of guards will be determined by CO at the time. If the set is blown up by the enemy we do not have a replacement.

The second is a radio station at HQ. This needs to manned by a Funker at all times, security to be covered by general camp security.

Funkers will be issued with a message pad on which to record intercepted transmissions. Sheets must be passed back to CO via runners, passing patrols etc. but we do have field telephones so if a direct line can be arranged between the DF and HQ, so much the better. The allies have well trained radio operators and will attempt to be covert when transmitting. Expect signals to be brief and coded - so Funkers need to concentrate to catch text. Despite being coded it is still of use to us when matched to map or other intelligence received.

We do have the facility to jam signals or transmit bogus signals to confuse or entrap the enemy. This will be decided on by the CO and Funkers are asked not to use their initiative but concentrate on the task of recording only.

As with all roles, duties will be rotated on a shift basis

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