Fire pits

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Fought at Waterloo
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Fire pits

Postby Gunman » Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:46 pm

Hi guys, Ill be digging out a main Fire pit on Friday for social and cooking.
However, like me if you wish to have your own group fire pit...

1. make sure its 6 inches deep and at least 2ft sqaure.
2. You have a 2 ltr bottle of water handy to put it out.
3. You only take wood from the floor.
4. check which way the wind is blowing - dont want to set fire to yours or someone elses tent :slap:
5. Must be at least 8ft from any tent.

Firelighters, newspaper and dry kinderling may be assential though its quite dry at Norwich at the mo.

happy camping :good:
Heer Schmidt

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