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Busby Home Guard Company of 3 Battalion Home Guard
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Roll call

Postby Chomley-Warner » Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:40 pm

Our company has been given the opportunity to make use of a top secret Home Guard communication system being trial in a few locations, so we are a bit of a guinea pig here. I'm not quite sure how it works - as far as I can gather it is something to do with sending signals along a telephone line, a bit like telegrams.

Anyway, to establish the system works I am sending a message to you all. Please respond with the word 'Present' and I will then mark you on the role call.

Cpt. Chomley-Warner
Busby Home Guard Company, 3 Battalion Home Guard

Pvt. Logan - present
Pvt. Cartwright - present
Pvt. Heath - present
Pvt. Southwood
Pvt. Hockey
Pvt. Gill - present
Pvt. Chambers - present
Pvt. Mindham - present
Pvt. Mackenziepresent
Pvt. Jennings - present
Pvt. C. Armistead - present
Pvt. D. Armistead - present
Pvt. Grice - present
Pvt. Allen - present

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