A day for the history books

Busby Home Guard Company of 3 Battalion Home Guard
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A day for the history books

Postby Chomley-Warner » Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:39 am

As the excitement of recent events dies down I thought it apt to write a public notice to express my admiration for the time and effort you put it - both for the planned activities of the day and also the unplanned.

It might be true to say that we didn't shine at the rifle range and I'm putting that down to the obsolete and outdated equipment we are issued with. Later events proved that it is vital that the Home Guard are equipped to the highest specification to ensure these precious shores are protected from those who wish to do us harm.

However, the valiant efforts of Private Heath in fixing the Royal Signal's telephone system more than made up for the a lower than optimum performance at the rifle range, so well done him. And thank you also to the scout group for the tent loan which proved to be very useful as a temporary prison.

Now some may dismiss the Home Guard saying they are not proper soldiers and wonder how the weak, infirm or elderly can defend our country. Well you all, to a man, proved that when the chips are down strength of mind, a resourceful nature, British pluck and a good dose of Vim and Vigour will win out over strength of body. Not only did you respond in a timely and measured way to an unfolding crisis but you also maintained effort throughout the day, always one step ahead of the enemy, always putting your training to good effect.

This monumental day will be recorded in the history books, of that I am certain. Indeed, in 50 or 100 years time the good folk of this country will be entertained by films and re-enactments of the day Germans dropped from the sky into the laps of the bravest men this country has.

I raise my hat to you Gentlemen of the Busby Home Guard Company, 3 Battalion Home Guard. I am proud to be your officer and were I in a position to I'm sure a medal or two would have been handed out. Still, I'm quite sure our celebratory cheese supper was sufficient recognition of our achievements - that and the certain knowledge of the nation's admiration and gratitude.

A couple of further points. I might have been a bit harsh about the film johnny who actually turned out to be quite a decent chap. A bit ostentatious with the neck wear but certainly not a nancy boy. And I'm sure we look forward to the next newsreel at the cinema where I believe footage will be included, having been rushed down to London by aeroplane - such was the national interest in the story.
Secondly, I have confirmation that our captive really was Rudolph Hess, Hitler's deputy and thanks to our efforts vital information was passed to the War Office that I'm told are likely to considerably shorten the war, possibly to be over by Christmas.

Lastly a quick reminder of next week's OUTDOOR PARADE & INSPECTION - 17th May 1941. All those available for duty are required to attend parade and inspection at Top Field, Darvel Farm 1200hrs 10th May. Those leaving straight from work and unable to change into uniform are permitted to parade in work clothes. You should have your weapon with you at all times of course.

Cpt. Chomley-Warner
Busby Home Guard Company, 3 Battalion Home Guard

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