Tanaka Winchester 1897

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Tanaka Winchester 1897

Postby Deinhardt » Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:10 pm

Please excuse the username in the picture, that is my zeroin account, feel free to.message there if you prefer!

Make: Tanaka
Gun/Model: Winchester 1897 "Riot"
Accessories: 34 leak free shells, shell catcher, shell belt, Tanaka leather sling, loading tool, original box
Condition: fair,
FPS: varies - circa 300 average
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/Tanaka revolver/Tanaka revolver
Price/Payment: £250 all in


Hi chaps, as per the title I'm looking at moving my Tanaka 1897 along. It's a gas shell ejector using shells of the same pattern as the PPS shotguns ( the PPS shells are clones of the Tanaka's)

When I received this it was in a non working state, since then all damaged parts have been repaired or replaced with custom machined steel components (I run an engineering workshop).

Repaired/replaced components include. Locking latch, extractor mount (notorious and difficult to repair part) trigger sear and shell control levers.

I have fettled the gun to be as good as possible, and it now runs fairly reliably. I have skirmished it a couple of times at the department and it's fairly potent and with the shell catcher (also custom made) you don't have to worry about losing shells.

​​​​​if you have any questions or offers send me a PM for a fast response.

Cheers, Robin

Just Out of Training
Just Out of Training
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Re: Tanaka Winchester 1897

Postby BenJackson » Sun Nov 03, 2019 10:50 am

PM coming your way!

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