Large Dust Tactics collection - 28mm ww2 wargame sort of

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Large Dust Tactics collection - 28mm ww2 wargame sort of

Postby cjw957 » Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:31 pm

I traded for a large Dust tactics collection - which is a ww2 game set in a time period where the war did not end in 45 and is still going and sides have mechs etc now

going on element games prices which are 10% off rrrp anyway = £436.29 worth , i am after £200.00 collected or £215.00 posted + any paypal fees

not boxed but all unit cards etc are there

1 5 man squad in each of the starter set have a bit of paint on and could do with been stripped otherwise nothing else has been painted etc , will sort some photos out later but wanted to give folks first dibs here before i put out there ..

Revised Core Set £58.49
Dust Tactics Unit Card Upgrade Pack  £10.79
Terrain Tile Set  £21.59
Operation Cyclone Campaign Expansion  £28.79
Operation SeeLowe Campaign Expansion £28.79
Operation Cerberus Campaign Expansion  £28.79

Special Ops Rangers Expansion £10.79
The Boss Expansion  £10.79
Red Devils Expansion  £14.39
Grim Reapers Expansion  £10.79
The Gunners Expansion  £14.39
Medium Assault Walker Expansion  £18.00
Dust Tactics: Allies MCW M3 Tank £21.59 amp parts missing (maybe, got a feeling they may be around lol)
Light Assault Walker Expansion  £17.99

Axis Zombies Expansion  £13.50
Heavy Antitank Grenadiers  £22.49
Battle Grenadiers Expansion  £14.39
Kommandotrupp Expansion  £10.79
Laser Grenadiers Expansion  £10.79
Axis Gorillas Expansion  £10.79
Special Ops Grenadiers Expansion £10.79
Axis Panzer-Kampfläufer III Expansion  £21.59
Medium Panzer Walker Expansion  £17.99
Light Panzer Walker Expansion  £17.99

element price which is 10% off rrp £436.29

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