Canadian BD Blouse and Trousers.

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Canadian BD Blouse and Trousers.

Postby taffpara » Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:03 am

I'm sure you will see the Sturm label and laugh. Please don't be put off as these aren't their Miltec modern crap but are genuine Canadian POST WAR Bds, converted in house by Sturm to resemble the WW2 type.

Sturm used to and maybe still do, hold a huge amount of original military kit, clothing and equipment and supplied a lot of war films with their props.

These are 50s issue and not sure If they are exactly the same as the WW2 types as don't have any to compare but think they do.

As always, the stated sizes make no sense whatsoever. I'm a skinny 5 foot 10 with a 32 waist and approx 38ish chest and both blouse and trs are way too big and too long. Would estimate the chest to fit a 44 comfortably, possibly slightly larger and the trs a 34, again possibly slightly larger as hard to judge due to the high waist design. Height wise, would estimate easily fit someone up to 6 foot tall.

No issues apart from one missing button to one of the belt loops. Possibly unissued.

I stress again, these are NOT part of their junk Miltec range.

Cannot upload pics Im afraid but can email some from my phone to anyone interested. Thanks


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