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Postby TheRoseRed » Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:37 pm

ARES/S&T PPSH-41 that isn't getting enough use, so it needs a new home!

It has 3 drum mags (Drum mags are something silly like 2500 rounds and the stick mag is 500 rounds give or take), stick mag, sling and magazine pouch, all of the mags feed well with no issues.
This is the blowback model and functions as it should.

Has recently come back from a service with new parts consisting of a new motor, mosfet and microswitch.
Externally there are a few screws that could do with being replaced as the heads are a bit rounded, but they can be removed and don't effect the gun itself.
The only issue I have found is that it is picky with batteries, occasionally locking the trigger on semi auto when using a lower voltage battery, however full auto has no issues.
Chrono's around 280-300 on a 2. bb and is consistent with range and accuracy.

I have checked prices of mags, gun etc to get a price to sell for.
Most mags are 40-50 quid per mag and they seem to be difficult to source unless buying from Asia, which in turn you will need to pay customs on.
The gun retails for 300-350 in the UK, but again most places don't seem to have it in stock.

So based off of this, I'd like 330 for this package. I can send more photos or video to anyone genuinely interested. Feel free to ask any questions as I really need to rehome this as it isn't getting any use!
I am also open to offers provided they aren't silly and trades on decent Russian weapons and WW2 German weapons like Kar98's etc. Cheers!

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