MP40, upgraded AGM. SOLD.

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MP40, upgraded AGM. SOLD.

Postby Langnasen » Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:39 am

For sale, heavily (majorly?) upgraded by myself. The only original internals are the gearbox shell and piston. AK47 Hop unit, AK brass barrel, G&G hi-torque motor (think it's the 25k jobby), AK tappet bar, steel bearings, 1995 AK47 'Level Up' proper steel gear set (not sintered crap), steel zero-port cylinder.
FPS is right on the money.
The entire gun was paint-stripped and blued. Selector removed, safety removed, re-wired with quality wire.
Seven mags that have been modified to increase spring power (20 BBs behind the springs) with real-steel 30-round capacity. Two weathered pouches included.

£250 + £15 postage. You should have a UKARA number and I CAN check it, though if you're a well-known player in the scene that's your valid defence right there and all the law requires.

Paypal F&F only. If you know me, or know of me, you'll know I'm 100% kosher. :)

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