Le Château Operation Dirty Dozen the mission

An Oddball event to be held at SWAT Urban, Shotton, Deeside
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Fought at the Battle of Agincourt
Fought at the Battle of Agincourt
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Le Château Operation Dirty Dozen the mission

Postby oddball » Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:14 pm


In England, in the spring of 1944, Allied forces are preparing for the D-Day invasion. Among them are Major John Reisman, an OSS officer.

Major Reisman is assigned an unusual and top-secret pre-invasion mission: take twelve soldiers convicted of felony offences, either serving prison sentences or condemned to death, and turn them into a unit capable of carrying out a specific task. They are to infiltrate a château near Rennes, in Brittany, used as a retreat for senior Wehrmacht officers, on the eve of the invasion. Without having complete intelligence as to the identity of the guests, it was felt that the elimination of officers in the German high command or senior staff could cripple or confuse the German military's ability to respond at the time of crisis. It is quickly established that both Reisman and the generals with whom he frequently clashes consider the mission to be a suicidal long shot. After a long period of convincing and training the men, they are deployed to attack a chateau in France, housing German commanders, intending to disrupt the German command structure.

The unit is also under orders to work with and assist the French resistance units in that area.
Shortly before their mission the British have sent a small SOE unit to prepare and supply weapons to the resistance unit lead by a local man René Artois, they were also to recon the area and send back intel.
Unfortunately nothing has been heard from these men.

The Sides

14 US
2 British SOE/para
12 French resistance
25 German

Uniform / clothing
US forces I would prefer you to wear clothing as used in the movie not all in M42 jump suits :wink:
British SOE para uniform or battle dress tunic.
French resistance clothing can be any period casual/ work wear or staff clothing for the Château.

German can once again be any period uniform and officers uniforms are quite desirable for this one.

Age limits

Anyone over 14 will be allowed at this event much like at Anarchy under the Eagle.

The venue

The site is a designated grade 2 listed complex, which was built in 1908, the main house (Château) is set on four levels, which is connected by a protected banister system, this is to prevent damage from airsoft gaming and has been tested to ensure it does.
The F block which connects to the house has access from the ground floor and the second floor, this is circa 1930 and has been modernised over the years, more recently the buildings have suffered massive damage to the infrastructure by thieves and vandals, these areas are now maintained by S.W.A.T. and its security team.
The F block consists of approximately 400 rooms, some inter connecting some dead ends, most have glass windows intact for obscured visibility and clear view to offer a mixed environment for the airsoft players.

Welsh road-garden city
Shotton-Deeside-Flintshire-CH5 2RW

SWAT MAP here download/file.php?id=7899

Camping/ sleep over
For those arriving on Saturday 02/06/12 they will be able to sleep in the large covered safe zone area to the rear of the site.
There will also be a social on the saturday evening.

There will be a lot of site setup time for this event so a number of us will be busy.

Food some catering will be provided by SWAT for a fee!

The Price is £35
Booking thread here viewtopic.php?f=206&t=14049

OK guys it is time to pay up :good:

I know many have be waiting for this if you want to send a cheque PM me for the address.

Paypal me at nigelDOTkerr@btinternetDOTcom
The money should be gifted and some info about who you are and what side you are on, if paying for more than one person please state who.
Price is £35.


Rail travel

Hawarden Bridge Rail Station is situated about 500 yards from SWAT URBAN so this may be good for some who don't
wish to drive. :good:

B&B for anyone wanting some more comfort.
Old Quay House
Old Quay House/Dock Rd, Deeside CH5 4DS
01244 836859
http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&saf ... 7912227082

Don't ask how we got Obamas desk in there I am a scouser remember :whistle:

For a review of our last event look here :good:
http://simplysoldiers.blogspot.com/2011 ... under.html

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