Uniform Requirements

Battle of Lenino, Polish forces in the East - site: M.A.W.
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Fought at the Battle of Agincourt
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Uniform Requirements

Postby Wladek » Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:43 pm

Below are the uniform requirements for the event.

Any Heer Uniform suitable for 1943.
Our German Division was a veteran of the Eastern Front. A suitably rag-tag mix of applicable clothing will be perfectly fine for this. Just make sure you are not in SS or FJ Uniforms.

A Polish Eagle on your hat
There are many options for the Polish side - as talked about in this thread. The minimum you should do is put an eagle on your Pilotka/Ushanka/Helmet for the event, or wear a Rogatywka.
To do put an eagle on a helmet costs only the price of some white paint - which can later be removed.


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