mossberg 42m parts

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mossberg 42m parts

Postby MI-GO-A-GO-GO » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:34 pm

ok a bit bonkers but i am adding to my Home Guard loadout

Have the smle, have the shotgun and BAR.

However a training rifle would be ace so on the lookout for mossberg 42m parts (mainly a stock but anything considered)

I am silly i know but its the current project idea



armoury. Sten lanchesteralike thompson m1a1 thompson 1928 Garand (m14 S&S) 1911 Browning HP Tanaka M10 stg 44 mp40 x 2 tanaka k98 MG42 (AK IN PLASTIC BODY) MG34 (ak in plastic body as well) Luger broom handle latex bayonet latex E-tool

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