RWA M1919

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RWA M1919

Postby Khaos » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:23 pm

Saw a cracking deal on one here but it turned out it was sold which was gut wrenching (and if the person that bought it were to ever sell it please contact me as I'd be willing to buy it in a heartbeat). The Viva Arms/EMG M1919 is not a very authentic look with the shelf on the side to hold the box mag on and just overall feel. As me and some friends are looking to operate as a MG team we are really interested in getting a M1919. Trouble is finding one especially in the UK or Europe that's at an affordable price (i.e. sub £950). I'm not sure if anyone has one they bought and never used that they couldn't sell but any offers and I'd be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

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