D-Day - Hells Highway November 29th - 1st Dec 2013

A Gunman Airsoft event held at GMA Herts
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Fought at Waterloo
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D-Day - Hells Highway November 29th - 1st Dec 2013

Postby Gunman » Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:57 am

Gunman Airsoft and FilmSim Events proudly presents...

D-Day - Hells Highway
Only £65 with a £25 deposit or £75 on the gate. Deposit to be paid via PayPal sales@filmsim.co.uk

Special 1 day price of £35 if you can only make the Saturday.
November 29th - 1st Dec 2013
Great Westwood Quarry
Old house lane
Hunton Bridge (just of the M25 Junction 19-20)

September 22nd 1944. Day 6. Operation Market Garden. South of Grave on the Eindhoven-Nijmegen road.

At 9am a joint attack by Kamfgruppe Walther in the East and Kampfgruppe Huber in the West succeeds in cutting the allied corridor south of Nijmegen. Striking between the towns of Veghel and Uden their aim is to permanently sever XXX Corps supply route by capturing Veghel and destroying the bridges over the Zuid Wilhelms Vaart canal.

Making use of heavy fog to take the enemy by surprise the German’s initial progress is good and by early afternoon they are able to bring down fire upon the canal bridges. The elements of the 101st airborne division holding the town are hard pressed until the timely arrival of reinforcements and tanks from XXX Corp helps turn the tide. A counter attack combined with massed artillery fire breaks up the German assault and Kampfgruppe Huber is destroyed as an effective fighting force. Heavy fighting continues into the night as German pressure is maintained but by the end of the day Veghel remains firmly in allied hands.

Forced to pull back, Kampfgruppe Walther holds it position covering the road and awaits reinforcements due in the morning. It is blocking the main road by fire preventing any allied traffic from moving and causing serious delays to the allied advance. Allied vehilces are backed up for miles to the south and no supplies are making it through to the advanced elements of XXX Corp moving towards Arnhem. Aware of the potential consequences of further delays allied forces are preparing to make concerted effort to break the blockade in the morning and resume the movement of supplies North.

Events details.

In true WW2 style, this game will kick off Sat morning and run till dark, then carry on the Sunday up to 2pm. There will be a social Friday and Saturday night. Registration will be started on the Friday night so we can get on with it Sat morning.

Gates will be open from 1500hrs Friday so you can set your camps up.

Its a camping event and there will be NO catering, so pack everything you need to sustain yourself for the weekend.

More info on its way including the scenario brief.
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Re: D-Day - Hells Highway November 29th - 1st Dec 2013

Postby Nurglitch » Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:44 pm

Would Polish para be ok for this game?
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Re: D-Day - Hells Highway November 29th - 1st Dec 2013

Postby Ramsay00105 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 12:37 pm

For anyone else that needs it I have set this up as an event on AFRA so you can create your Risk Assesment and benefit from their insurance.
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Fought at the Somme
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Re: D-Day - Hells Highway November 29th - 1st Dec 2013

Postby rabbitspacker » Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:17 am

high josh i will be travelling up early saturday morning so be there about 8am,is this ok.
many thanks,steve jewer, (rabbitspacker)
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Re: D-Day - Hells Highway November 29th - 1st Dec 2013

Postby AdeUK » Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:45 am

That's no problem at all; there will be a load of them already there from camping Friday night ;)
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