after battle reports.

A 34th Inf game held at Stormforce Airsoft, Rugeley
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Re: after battle reports.

Postby stut » Tue Sep 02, 2014 6:50 pm

Awesome day! Thanks to Chris, Martin and all of the Fireball guys. You guys certainly know how to put on a cool event.The site was fantastic too. The missions were entertaining as usual. The level of kit on both sides was top notch and really added to the game. The last game was quite a battle! I thought that we (Germans ) were going to hold out but once we were surrounded and squeezed into a tight pocket it was game over. zug 4 Fj's thank everyone who played and made it such a great day.Roll on the next one.
just have to say sorry to the Brit who took more than his fair share of grenades during one attack, sorry mate :wink:

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