a definition of immersive ww2 airsoft

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a definition of immersive ww2 airsoft

Postby pvtjohnny » Tue May 27, 2014 6:09 pm

written by chomley and I feel a good description....

So, moving on, what is it that I want from WW2 airsoft now?
I want something as far removed from an open day as possible. Been there, done that, boring after the first 20 games.
I want a sense of history I love historical accuracy and if a game can teach me something or push me to learn more, then all the better.
I want a sense of place A site full of forts, paintball splattered trees and pallet piles won’t cut it. I want the scenario to fit the site not the other way around.
I want a sense of jeopardy I want to feel that life is precious, the reality that my life is precious.
I want to explore new sites It really adds to the experience, complicates the game plan, adds an extra level of risk and removes the ‘club’ thing where those familiar to a site exploit it to their advantage. Heh, that’s what we did to the noobs on our open days!
I want a sense of ‘being there’ Background sound tracks of battle noises, stukkas dive bombing, guard dogs patrolling tunnels. Players behaving like soldiers not airsofters. A sea of similarly dressed factions in khaki, brown or grey. Players dropping down like flies when it all goes tits up. Pyro going off everywhere.
I want a lack of movie aping I want a battle to be like a real battle, not how they are portrayed on screen with buffed up and puffed up heroes winning the day. War is shit. A bit of shittiness is perfectly doable. Of course, I am unfit and middle aged, and games have to cater for the players abilities to be ‘fun’.
I don’t want good guys vs bad guys Soldiers fought for and gave their lives their families and their countries, respect that.
I don’t want games that are one sided or perceived to be one sided.
I want players to look great I'm quite content with a ten foot rule (or whatever) and I appreciate those that look perfect equally with those that have made the effort. I’m not hugely hung up about weapon accuracy as I'm not into guns.
I want players to act like soldiers not airsofters I don’t mean drilling or buffing boots, I mean acting like you are in the worst place on earth where fussing about uniform accuracy or stopping for lunch or moaning because the player you shot didn't die or that your boots and knees are getting muddy is the last thing on your mind.
I want an experience Like everyone else, my time and money are precious. Time more so in my case. Friends, colleagues and family are dying all around me and I’m acutely aware that every second counts. I have a thousand and one other things I should be doing and playing at soldiers shouldn't be at the top of the pile (although it manages to find its way there!). I want to take away from the weekend something memorable for ever, something that has added to my life not wasted it.
I want to be challenged Mentally or physically. I don’t want things easy all the time, push me, test me. Some of my most memorable games are where I endured discomfort (not to compare to discomfort of a real WW2 soldier which is unimaginable) or pushed myself to do something out of my perceived comfort zone.
I don’t want to be scripted Part of the joys of being an organiser of CiA games is that games are played out for real, one commander against another. But as a player I like to feel I am part of my commander’s plan and a cog in the wheel, pitting my wits against an enemy, not following a typed out game plan. That isn't to say games should be unplanned free-for-alls, indeed they should be planned to cater for every eventuality, just that within the plan (to make best use of the site, say) outcomes are undetermined and down to the players and commander’s decisions.
I don’t want winners and losers It shouldn't matter a jot. I want to feel I have achieved something for sure, but winning and losing is a very open day thing.

How does this sit with everyone?

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