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Hello from Bristol

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:00 am
by Overpromoted
Evening all,

I've been playing for years now, most recently more milsm stuff and roleplay but done a few In Country events too. Have been a WW2 history nut since I was a lad, and now getting seriously tempted with WW2 airsoft - thanks to Phil for introducing me to this site.

Am digging around the topics at the moment, but most likely to go for British Infantry mid-late war, DCLI due to family connections with the regiment during WW2 and earlier. Current thinking is SMLE or Sten plus 37 pattern webbing.

Anyone else in the Bristol area into Brit kit?

Looking forward to getting to a WW2 event later in the year!



Re: Hello from Bristol

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:57 am
by Russe11
We actually have a facebook group in the bristol area

There were about 6 of us at the last game from the Bristol area. I mainly do Aussie when I can get away with it but have a full set of British gear as well so we can get you geared up with borrowed gear for a game or 2. The others do Americans and Germans mainly.

Re: Hello from Bristol

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:42 am
by prideofengland
Allo allo :good:

Re: Hello from Bristol

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:21 am
by MartinR
Hello and welcome,

the kit guides give some decent tips on getting started, but if you are short of stuff people will often lend it out for events.

Personally I'd go for an SMG as a starting weapon, so much more flexible and a lot more readily available. Garand is a reasonable compromise and some British units did use them. SMLE or No 4 will almost certainly be custom guns, apart from the dodgy gas SMLE.


Re: Hello from Bristol

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:13 am
by McVickers
Hello & welcome!

Re: Hello from Bristol

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:26 am
by Mattywheels
Hello and welcome, probably best to start with a sten and then work towards getting a Enfield over time. Its worth remembering that most WW2 players use rifles as battle rifles (sub 350fps), rather than high velocity sniper rifles, so if you do go down the rifle route, you dont need it upgraded to 500fps!