Signing in ,Pyro , BBs, Dinner and Creme eggs ;)

A 34th Inf game held at Fireball Squadron, Birmingham
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Fought at Waterloo
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Signing in ,Pyro , BBs, Dinner and Creme eggs ;)

Postby cjw957 » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:37 am

Just to remind everyone , that even if you fully paid you still need to sign in, and fill the declaration form in but on the Bright side the reward is a Caburys creme egg :) if i not scoffed them all :whistle:

we will for a short while have BBS / Pyro for sale as well
blaster 0.20s 3000 bottle £8
blaster 0.25s 3000 bottle £10
Mk5 Flashbangs £2.50
Smoke Grenades £2.50
Green Gas bottle £10

We will be out in the field for the entire day so make sure you take out your lunch and ammo/supplies etc for the entire day , you will have a HQ where you can leave gear

Any pyro not bought on site must be checked before hand thats it ok for use on site , see either myself or Martin Ryley and nothing above a Mk5.

Gates will be open at about 8am and close at around 9.15 once that happens we can not leave the site until 4.30 , so be there early a lot of folks tend to be in the maccies around the corner from about 7.30/7.45

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