‘Operation Bagration – pt1 Phase 1 The Deep Battle’

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Fought at Waterloo
Fought at Waterloo
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‘Operation Bagration – pt1 Phase 1 The Deep Battle’

Postby Gunman » Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:46 am

Gunman Airsoft and Filmsim Events proudly presents...

‘Operation Bagration – pt1 Phase 1 The Deep Battle’
£65 for the weekend with a £25 deposit.
£35 for the day with a £15 deposit.
Gate price will be £10 more than pre-book price.
FREE camp over Friday night and social both nights.
November 12-13 2016
Westwood Equestrian centre, Hertfordshire.

The story.
22 June 1944
On the same date that the German army had marched in to Russia in 1941, the might of the Red Army now bulges and begins its probing attacks on the German Army Group Centres lines. The Main offensive is to start on the 23rd June and all three offensives, The Vitebsk-Orsha to the North, The Mogilev in the centre and the Bobruysk in the South are ready.

Our story focuses on the activities on the 22nd June and a large number of units probing the German lines from the 1st Baltic Front with 3rd Belorussian Front in support. At 10am the units will move into the enemy lines and begin to ‘mash up’ the German units the find. Exposed and disorientated, this will leave the line ready for a mighty Artillery bombardment on the morning of the 23rd.

The units taking part will be Soviet troops of the 1st Baltic Front and 3rd Belorussian Front.
Against them will be the dug in lines of the Fourth Army and units from the Third Panzer Army.
Although History dictates what happened our fictional battle focuses on one area of the conflict. It could be that this section remained firm whilst all the others fell around them. Only the battle will tell.

Welcome to another FilmSim WW2 epic weekend. You will notice that we have decided to run a weekend again, but this time offer a full day on the Sunday. We hope this means we can cater for those that can only play the one-day and also those that want a weekend of war.

FREE loan kit.
We have a ton of FREE loan kit and period rifles for £20 a day or £30 for the weekend so bring a friend or come alone. Anyone can take part in these weekends.
We will provide all the radio packs for the units and map cases for organising troops.

This is a battle weekend and both days will be relevant to the outcome. If you’re a US or Brit player, please still come and join us as we have a ton of kit and as long as your weapon is period, you can use your own gun.

There will be 5-7 strategic locations/features that both sides will be trying to capture and hold, who knows how the battle will go but it will be EPIC.

Arrival and Event times.
Friday, gates open at 2pm so come and set up your camps.
Saturday game brief at 9.30am
Sat Endex will be around 3pm as it will start to get dark around then.
Sunday – 10am until 3pm (another full day), which means we have two single day options for guys to join us.

Please make sure you bring everything you need to be comfortable in the field, including Water, change of socks, camping equipment, food and beers.
We now recycle with two bins on site.
Toilets also provided.

Please pay ONLY the Deposit via PayPal sales@filmsim.co.uk please mark up what game it’s for, your real and forum name and which side you on!!

These event tickets are non refundable but can be sold on to other waiting players.
SITE location can be found here
Heer Schmidt

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